In Feb 2011, I founded VenturEd. Read more about VenturEd here. The roots of this came my surprise when I found out how many of my friends in America have credit card debt, which is the biggest financial mistake anyone can make. The debt typically comes from ignorance of how credit card fees and interest are charged, and not having techniques for thrift and saving. I believe financial stability comes from very simple techniques and education about how our financial world works.

I discovered through my husband, Patrick, a middle school teacher, that finanical literacy, while a hot-topic since the sub-prime crisis (just google it), it hasn’t really gotten into the education system in any material way.

Truth be told, financial literacy is best taught at home. It is simply an awareness, built into the psyche and actions of every day life, and a muscle to be worked on . However, I realize that many parents themselves struggle with managing finances and are ill at ease advising their kids.

Hence, VenturEd was created! VenturEd is a free after-school program teaching financial literacy to teenage students through classroom sessions enhanced by student-led business projects

Students discover the basics of budgeting, how and why to save, the cost and benefits of payment methods like credit cards, and how to apply comparison shopping skills to purchasing decisions—all while setting up their own small business during the course of the Program. Students show off their businesses when they set up shop at the VenturEd Stoop Sale.

Mission Statement
VenturEd’s mission is to improve financial literacy in high school students through student-led business projects enhanced by classroom sessions.

VenturEd was born of the following beliefs:

  • A free market system requires its participants to be financially literate to be healthy.
  • Financial literacy is best instilled at an age before important choices like credit card debt, student and car loans are taken on.
  • Financial literacy is best taught through hands-on experiences tied into classroom sessions, in addition to textbook theories.
  • Financial literacy is empowering.


  • Improve financial literacy
  • Inspire entrepreneurship
  • Encourage family involvement

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