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Dooce on Siblings

One of the reasons why I love Dooce is that she has a way of putting the sweetest sentiments in a perfectly UN-mawkish yet incredibly lovely way. As I’m sitting here with my brother, who is visiting us in NYC … Continue reading

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Latest obsession – Jon Lajoie

Given that his popular videos already have about 7 million views each, I’m definitely late in this game and you’ve probably heard about this guy. But in one of the many youtube parties we had with Mark last night, he … Continue reading

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Family Time!!

Aw. If there’s one day I really miss in the Chan Clan household, it’s Christmas Eve. Not that we celebrate Christmas, we don’t. But it’s my father’s birthday on Dec 24. Every year, for as long as I can remember, … Continue reading

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Everything Bagel

If you don’t live in NYC, you may not know of this amazing thing called an “everything bagel”, where they put every possible bagel topping on (poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onion, etc etc). It’s awesome, only because there’s no bagel … Continue reading

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Packaging Schwackaging III

Once again, ridiculously wasteful packaging. A SD flash drive that is 1×1.25×0.01 inches big in a 12x9x4 inch box. Amazon, why?

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Tiu Lei Lo Mo….

By now you should have seen this video of the Iraqi throwing his shoes at Bush All my friends’ reactions were “darn, he missed”. Albeit well deserved, I have to give Bush props for: (1) his quick reaction; and (2) … Continue reading

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Backed up blogging

I’ve been lagging in the blog department lately because of 1. A ton of Thanksgiving guests 2. A trip to DC right after 3. Lots and lots of work (I am happy to have a job in these times!) 4. … Continue reading

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We had Pat’s father/wife/2-yr old daughter, brother/wife/2-yr old daughter, and sister in town last week over Thanksgiving. It was awesome fun having family together again. Somehow, we managed to work out having 7 adults and 2 kids in 1 NYC … Continue reading

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