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Back Home

Back in San Francisco. Feels like home.

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Burning Man-ed!!!

Wow, I must have really great clothes karma or something. I was kinda ho-and-heming about “dressing up” for Burning Man, given that I’m going to be flying down, and I just don’t feel like I have much sewing or creative … Continue reading

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Hot Air

What ever I said about not needing hair-dryers, I take it back, and eat it. I realize that short hair is way more high-maintenance than long hair. It took a couple of days sleeping with wet hair and waking up … Continue reading

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Seen in Flushing, Queens

Need some help? Saturday, Yi-ling took me to one of the best meals I’ve had in a while…Xi’an food in a total hole in the wall place in Flushing (reminds me of those food stalls in the older shopping malls … Continue reading

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Few Moments From Last Weekend

Last Sunday, we went to the beach (again!)…Rockaway Beach this time. It was an easy train-to-bus ride (just over an hour) down south. The weather couldn’t have been more kind, and the day couldn’t have been more perfect. Good friends, … Continue reading

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Pack Rat

Man. Packing for Burning Man is HARD. I pride myself on being a very light traveler. I can go away with just one backpack with about 3 changes of clothes and handwash my stuff and wear whatever’s not wet. Even … Continue reading

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CFA Level 3

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!! No more pencils, no more books!!! Three years later….the sheer JOY!!!! That’s it! 3 for 3! I’m DONE!!!! DIVINE JOY!!!!!! Burning Man, here I come! Let’s party!!!

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A Moment From Last Weekend

From our OMGIHADSOOOMUCHFUN! Saturday at Prospect Park. Caption: “…and then she runs to THIRD base” (I don’t think I even hit the ball in this shot actually! Hahahaha! Action only!) -pic from JD

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Not From The Onion

Actual headlines. Actual quotes. Who needs The Onion to make things up? Man with rifle and 10lbs of pot caught driving over 90mph while taping himself masturbating “He said the drugs were found at a rest stop, and that the … Continue reading

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Michael Phelps is…AQUAMAN!

Ok, I am convinced this guy is a total mutation…an X-Man…Aquaman…check out this video of him flapping under water…it’s BIZARRE!

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