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Pussy Robbed!

WOW the strangest thing happened. I just put out some food for the kitties. Then I heard a strange meow from Buddy. I looked back and asked Buddy what’s wrong…then I realized I was looking at TWO grey cats!! WTF?? … Continue reading

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And You Thought P’EatZZa Was Gross

I never thought I could find a match for P’EatZZa…but this WINS! Drum roll…it’s……french fry coated bacon on a stick!!! Innovation is magnificent. loss of appetite via 54

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Azns for Obama

I saw this on Obama’s site and commented to 54 that there’s no Asian-only button for Obama. Only this: So he made me this his nickname for me is Azn. Urban dictionary seems to imply that the term “azn” is … Continue reading

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My flight got in an hour early so I went to work. Yes, with a miserable 15 vacation days a year, every day (even half) counts. Sitting in the NYC subway (people were actually reading BOOKS, instead of playing with … Continue reading

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Leaving Home to Go Home

Boo…I’m leaving Singapore in about 7 hours. Yay…I’ll be going home to my KITTIES (meow meow miss them!) and my Park Slope life and yes, YAY back to work (I actually miss it!) in Manhattan. I’ve always said that I … Continue reading

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Malls! Malls! Malls!

I’m all MALL-ed out. Singapore is turning into one big mall. It’s been happening for a while, but everywhere I turn, there are either brand new malls or existing malls becoming bigger. And all the malls are starting to look … Continue reading

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…And I Haven’t Even Gotten to Crab Beehoon Yet!

After my mad cravings for crab beehoon, I had an overkill of crabs last weekend. I had crabs for lunch and dinner last Thursday night and on Saturday night in KL, we were brought out for a seafood dinner with … Continue reading

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Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes is an AWESOME book. It’s even more fun reading it in my room in Tioman where there were wild monkeys jumping around right next to our room. It’s almost the perfect novel. And the double whammy … Continue reading

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Tioman, oh Tioman!

Tioman was as magical as I remembered it to be. There is something REALLY special about the island. As the ferry nears the island, you can see it appear slowly from the clouds. It’s just a beautiful, lush island. I … Continue reading

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Malaysia Boleh!

Just returned from Round 1 of my brother’s wedding in KL. Food in M’sia is DAMN SHIOK! I know what I’m about to say is pretty blasphemous, and a big disclaimer that I’ve only been back for about a week…but … Continue reading

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