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Level 3 is absolutely brutal. These are my “cheat sheets” (loosely defined by me as information I feel I should know at the tip of my finger for the exam) for the 3 levels. Yep, it goes from left to … Continue reading

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Fat Cat, real name Graciela, has been miserable the last few days. He’s been vomiting and leaking poop (yes, literally) and just looking absolutely miserable. You’d think that it’s hard to tell if he’s miserable, because he pretty much just … Continue reading

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Happiness in NYC is…

1. Catching your train just as you arrive the train station; 2. Seeing your local (transfer) train pull up across the platform as your express train arrives; 3. Having every traffic light you have to cross magically turn in your … Continue reading

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How To Lose My Business

Spontaneously, I decided to buy a small cup of plain yoghurt for breakfast this morning. I put the 6oz cup of yoghurt down. “$1.50″ said the Korean lady at the cashier (yes, ridiculous price but it’s midtown). Then I remembered … Continue reading

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My MSN nickname right now is “kellykelly – stressed”. Patty wrote back – stressed desserts little things that make me smile.

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The price of a dozen organic eggs from next door went up from US$3.49 to US$4.49 in just the last couple of weeks. That’s a 28.65% increase! That’s fine for us spoiled first world hippie-wannabes…just 8.3 cents more per egg, … Continue reading

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Singapore Food

Man, I’m having massive cravings for Singapore food right now. I dream of Crab Beehoon at that Toa Payoh coffee shop. Or nasi lemak. I know I’m TOTALLY spoiled with great food in NYC, but I just want some crab … Continue reading

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Round 1 Goes To…David Archuleta!

I just listened to David Enchilada and David Cook sing at the Today Show concert next to my office. I say listened because I couldn’t see either of them standing at the back. I’m not THAT fan crazy enough to … Continue reading

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More genius II

I stared at this blankly for 5 seconds before I burst out laughing. via snowboard NOT that I condone such a foul name-calling of Hillary…

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More genius

And Blu does it again. Details in the head here. Genius is so sexy.

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