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It’s kinda creepy how people keep saying how Heath Ledger looks like my husband. Well, it’s only creepy now, people have been saying it for years. And they are bringing it up again cos he’s in the news. I just … Continue reading

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My Sakae PPP Index

There seems to be a lot of anticipation about the new Sakae Sushi restaurant on non-Singaporean websites here. Gothamist wanted to go try it out but it was closed. Midtown lunch had to beg to go see the restaurant. I … Continue reading

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Kiddy Pix

Is it wrong to think that my husband, at this age, looks SOOOOOO HOT & CUTE in this picture? And he is just ADORABLE here! Who would have thunk? He’s a natural blond! *heart melts*

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I Hate Hollywood Endings

*TOTAL SPOILER WARNING FOR: Last King of Scotland (film), Harry Potter and Bad Santa* Why oh why do they ALWAYS do this to me? We watched Last King of Scotland last night…absolutely brilliant, mesmerizing acting by Forest Whitaker. I was … Continue reading

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This made me laugh out loud: My friend sent this to me via this link. Not sure who made it.

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More Chelsea Art

A stroll in the many Chelsea Art Galleries is fast becoming one of my favorite things to do in NYC. It represents to me the best of what NYC has to offer, aside from bagels and pizza. It’s free, seldom … Continue reading

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Best Song Ever.

Donna Summer’s I Feel Love. It’s just timeless.

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Creepy Ads

2spare via the Gothamist: Pakistan Airlines in 1979

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I love today’s affirmation: I am the perfect age right now. I have been younger and I will be older. I will never be this age again, so I make the most of this time and enjoy myself to the … Continue reading

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2008 Resolutions

Maintain a positive attitude in studying for the CFA. Pass the bloody CFA Adopt a more patient attitude towards the massive crowds of tourists or simply massive crowds of crowds all over Manhattan. Controlling my temper (which tends to arise … Continue reading

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