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I returned to Eric’s Hatha yoga class last night. I hadn’t done non-Bikram yoga in 2 weeks (yoga in the park has paused for the winter) and it was OMiful (yes, I’ve created a new word). There’s this pose that … Continue reading

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Kellog under construction

I’m working on a new layout for Kellog. CSS is giving me a headache. In the meantime, you may see some weird changes. Sorry!

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Surprise Santa IV

Wow. People just love giving me clothes. This morning, there were two HUGE bags (Saks Fifth Avenue and Anthropologie) sitting at my desk filled with cute, barely-worn clothes, given to me by my colleague (or more accurately, her 2 daughters … Continue reading

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I Still Miss Tulum

Our first glimpse of the water. Our room at Cabanas Tulum (highly recommended) View of our room from the beach Food! I generally don’t like Mexican food but this was goood! The house, Behla, rented for the wedding: View from … Continue reading

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American Girl

I went to the American Girl retail store at 5th Avenue last night to accompany someone that was into that kinda stuff. Have you heard about American Girl before? Being it that store ripped my pro-business, anti-consumerist self apart. Pro-business: … Continue reading

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Buddhist Video Game

I saw this comic strip on the latest issue of Adbusters: Ha!

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Get Naked

Amidst my search for spirituality with yoga and meditation and all that new thought stuff, I discover that Britney I-show-my-coochie Spears’ new album has really great pop tracks. There are some albums that are great, this is clearly not it. … Continue reading

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My Blue Pearl – Part 2

Ready for more trippy kellykelly experiences? I warn you, this is gonna sound really loopy. I went to Bikram today after about 2 weeks of being away (was flu-ish before the trip). It was a really tough session for me. … Continue reading

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My Blue Pearl

So this is the story of my trippy meditation experience. Oh dear, you think, kellykelly has gone all trippy new-agey hippie on us. Oh yes, believe it. I had never really meditated before. But that whole art of doing nothing … Continue reading

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Dreams of Tulum

Ahh…I’m still in a Tulum state of mind. It took me 1 second to assimilate into the beach life in Tulum. It’s been 3 days since I’ve been back and I’m still trying to get my mind and body back … Continue reading

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