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In Feb 07, I went to see an allergy and asthma specialist, mainly to get a new prescription for Advair, my asthma inhaler. I didn’t know then but an allergy and asthma specialist here mainly gave out allergy shots, not … Continue reading

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Il bel far niente – Part 2

Phew! Maybe I’m not a weirdo, or the only weirdo after all. Cobalt agreed with me. I also made sense to my husband when I discussed this with him over dinner last night. haha! Phew! Pat said that he remembered … Continue reading

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Il bel far niente

I just started reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, well I’m one-third in. Everyone in New York seems to be reading it. I saw it on the train a lot. The only other books that I’ve seen being read … Continue reading

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Some dude walked into the D train this morning at West 4th and started preaching loudly to a very packed train about the Lord and why you must read the Bible everyday and Jesus is your savior and save yourself … Continue reading

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Bikram – 5th class

I’ll probably stop blogging about individual Bikram classes in due time, like how I stopped taking pictures of every single meal I cooked. Ha! But it’s interesting to document how I feel after each class and notice a significant improvement … Continue reading

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My brother sent me a link to this Korean restaurant review on the NYT yesterday. I emailed my Korean-American friend Mike about it and it turned out it’s been his weekly joint for the past few months since they’d opened. … Continue reading

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In my recent obsession with all things yoga, I haven’t posted much about food lately. I still HAVE been cooking, just that the novelty of taking pictures of everything I cooked has worn off. Ha! It’s almost become a weekly … Continue reading

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Bikram – 3rd and 4th class

3rd class on Saturday. 4th class on Sunday. I made a BIG mistake eating some rice & left-over veg. 1 hr before the 3rd class on Saturday thinking that it’s mostly carbs so it’ll digest faster. I forgot there was … Continue reading

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Man, our neighbors upstairs have recently began to have LOUD SEX. 2 nights ago, I was trying to sleep and I heard a girl moan “uh uh uh oh yeah fuck fuck fuck uh uh uh uh oh fuck oh … Continue reading

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Bikram – 2nd class

I finally got down to going for my 2nd bikram class last night and it was AWESOME. It was infinitely better than my 1st class. There was none of that awful tripping out feeling I got the last time. I … Continue reading

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