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I’m gonna discuss the ending of the Harry Potter series so if you haven’t and intend to read it, DO NOT read this post. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … Continue reading

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Four Hours

I had a doctor’s appointment at 930am today for a routine OBGYN check-up for the first time in NYC. This was New York Methodist on Flatbush near my place. It was the only place with a female OBGYN near either … Continue reading

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Lost n Found and Blueberry Bran Muffins

Oh, I forgot to mention over the weekend. On Saturday, the day after I picked Zion up, the corner store guy slipped this flyer under our door: Apparently, Nice Lady had distributed (obviously not far enough cos I never got … Continue reading

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Worst Commute Ever…But a Cheer-up!

…well, maybe not the worst, cos I didn’t have an underground steam explosion in my path (shudder), but it was my personal worse. The following paragraph may only make sense if you have lived and known the NYC subway system. … Continue reading

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Wow. It was a blissful weekend. Zion hasn’t left my side since she’s been back. She’s more domesticated that I thought she was. One only wonders how long she’ll stay cuddly and indoors before she goes cuckoo crazy again. For … Continue reading

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Putting up Lost Pet flyers is the saddest thing to do…taking them down after finding your pet is JOYOUS! After work, I walked around the block pasting up my HAVE YOU SEEN THIS TORTOISESHELL CAT? flyers. Round the corner, an … Continue reading

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I miss my pussy

Wow. This is really depressing. =’(

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Making a ‘LOST PET’ poster is probably one of the shittiest thing a pet owner can do. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS TORTOISESHELL CAT? Zion is a brown/black cat with a white chest and a black mark below her left eye. … Continue reading

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I Miss Zion

Zion hasn’t been home for 3 days. It’s not the first time she’s disappeared, but this is probably the longest. She’s learnt a long time ago to scale the fence and go out and let her true wild self go. … Continue reading

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Shrimp n Scallop Linguine with Cheesy Garlic Bread

(oh boy, I’m sooo full) Dinner tonight was seafood pasta, using this recipe as a base. I’m a little more confident in veering from the recipe now. I had to add a little tomato paste after google searching “how to … Continue reading

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