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Hi from Alabama!

I’m in Alabama! Specifically, Mobile where my brother lives. Mobile is far nicer than I expected it to be. It’s 2 hours from New Orleans, 2 hours from the Pensacola, Florida (beautiful beaches), and for an American ‘burb, there is … Continue reading

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Off to the South, Y’all!

Headed to New Orleans today…then Mobile Alabama, Atlanta and North Carolina. 2 weeks in the south where people have pretty accents and are polite, very un-New York. No more buildings no more honks…

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I reserved tickets a few months ago to attend the live taping of The Daily Show with my parents. We stood in line for 1.5hrs…and we were the first in line to be cut (reserved tickets do not have guaranteed … Continue reading

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Post CFA

The start of my CFA exam was exciting, in a nightmarish kinda way. I got there at 745am, waiting outside with tons of people. By 8am, they opened the door. Turned out my section was on the 5th floor and … Continue reading

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No More Pencils, No More Books…

…no more kellykelly’s dirty looks! It’s over!! And my parents are here!! More tomorrow. I’m tired tired tired…but blissfully so… =D =D =D

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