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Google Maps

Have you checked out the Street View in Google Maps? It is fascinating and freaky. The San Francisco maps are much clearer than the New York ones, where you can zoom up close enough to see people’s faces, license plate … Continue reading

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CFA – 2 more days

Enough with the whining. I’m already feeling happy. It’s almost over. I finished the 3 practice exams in Schweser Book 6. SHIT scores. But whatever. There’s a sense of done all I can, the toughest parts, and now, just to … Continue reading

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Final Weekend Before Bliss

Friday: Promised to stay at work to study. Got stuck in one question, got frustrated, then joined Pat and Shane at and outdoor bar in Brooklyn (how much do I love Brooklyn? It deserves a separate post later). Promised to … Continue reading

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Dumb Cunt

This could be the funniest and saddest thing I’ve seen in a while. That Elisabeth Hasselbeck chick. I had no clue who she was, but I think she perfectly represents the dumbest Laguna Beach side of America. Dumb. Cunt. Talking … Continue reading

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American Idol

Has American Idol jumped the shark? I’ve been a big fan of the show but Jordin and Blake…worst American Idol finalists ever. So bad. And that shitty This Is My Now song just topped off how shitty it was. They … Continue reading

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Surprise Santa III

Question: How to solve the dilemma between loving pretty things to wear and hating shopping? Answer: Here – my supervisor in Singapore gave me 4 huge bags of her very well-maintained and expensive clothes. Oh wait, another Answer: A colleague … Continue reading

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CFA 2 week countdown

OK, I really detest this studying thing. Really. Whatever I said here. I finished going through all the study sessions way earlier than I did in Level I. But then, I feel more sick of it than I did last … Continue reading

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Oh, To Be A Pussy!

I’m rather tired right now due to: (a) the influx of visitors to the Chansidine Casa; (b) trying to do as much work as possible in view of my upcoming 2 week vacation in June; (b) trying to study as … Continue reading

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Overheard in New York

Waiting in line at the Paddlewheel Queen dock for the Layo & Bushwacka Boat Party: Cyclist: Outta the way, tourists! Guy (defensively): Fuck you! YOU are the tourist. Aren’t New Yorkers lovely? (Local New Yorkers are very proud of being … Continue reading

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Only in New York

At early morning peak hour, I got on the train and saw this dude slumped over 4 seats. No one even batted an eye. Two weeks ago, on a 2am train after the club, some guy vomited all over the … Continue reading

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