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And I thought I was done with clubbing. There had been too many nights of sheer boredom with the music I have heard in clubs in the past year or more. Yesterday, however, proved that all is not lost with … Continue reading

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My First Broadway Show

…since moving here anyway. I watched The Color Purple with my uncles last night, starring Fantasia (from American Idol). It was fabulous. The costumes, the set, the songs, the story…and I couldn’t imagine anyone other than Fantasia in the role … Continue reading

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MM says we can put it up our ass!

Singapore considers legalizing homosexuality: Lee While I like the direction our country is moving in, the condescending tone is palpable: “They tell me that homosexuals are creative writers, dancers. If we want creative people, then we have to put up … Continue reading

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Prospect Park BBQ

On my actual birthday on Sunday (I love birthdays that run on for days!), we headed out to Prospect Park for a BBQ with Mike & Vicki and a few of their friends. We decided to take Graciela and Buddy … Continue reading

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Singapore Day NYC 07

Singapore Day in Central Park. I have been told it got a bunch of media attention in Singapore. Why, even Xiaxue was there who I didn’t see but who, in the words of YL, looked like a “trainwreck”…or was it … Continue reading

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Gifts for Crazy Cat Lady

That’s it…the label has stuck. When my mother-in-law was in town last Thursday on a stopover to Italy, she gave me a bunch of gifts…half of which were for the cats! Separately, my stepmom-in-law sent me a happy birthday postcard … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Me

My Hayhouse daily affirmations calendar says for 22 April 2007: I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams. I can’t think of a better one for myself. Updates about the birthday weekend later. I still have a backlog of Florida pix … Continue reading

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In the Wake of the Virginia Tech Shooting II

I asked “why the FUCK guns are still legal in this country” in my previous post. I like to hear both points of view. So I turned to a conservative Republican whose opinions and intelligence I have always respected, my … Continue reading

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In the Wake of the Virginia Tech Shooting…

kellykelly asks why the FUCK guns are still legal in this country when drugs (deemed bad for you) are banned. The gunman who killed 30 people at Virginia Tech’s Norris Hall before turning the gun on himself was student Cho … Continue reading

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Casino Royale

We watched the movie on Pay-Per-View last night (have I mentioned before how much I LOVE our Plasma TV and Bose sound system???) and it was utterly captivating. The right mix of action, humor, cheese, James Bond unbelieveability and beautiful … Continue reading

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