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Word of the Day

re·bar·ba·tive (ree-BAR-buh-tiv) adj. Tending to irritate; repellent: It is rebarbative that our government raised the goods and services tax claiming that the state needs the increase in tax revenue and then a few weeks later announce an increase to Ministerial … Continue reading

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Park Sloping

Geez. Last evening, a cop gets shot 7 blocks from where I live…then at 440am, this building just 4 blocks from where I live gets engulfed in flames. I love my neighbourhood (I really do, aside from these one-off events).

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Pepcid AC & the Asian Flush

In case you are wondering, it does work. It’s almost like an urban legend (only true): taking Pepcid AC (famotidine) an hour before drinking alcohol prevents you from flushing bright red, if you flush bright red from alcohol. We tried … Continue reading

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Secondary Market

How much do I love the secondary market in America? Not only can I get great books delivered to my door at insanely cheap prices, I can go on Craigslist to get pretty much anything I want. I just got … Continue reading

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An Evil Weed

Alot of people think The Economist comprise a bunch of conservative pro-big corporation writers. But they sound like they could be a bunch of pot-smoking liberals. At times. Their articles have been leaning to the pro-marijuana, anti-tobacco faction. Their recent … Continue reading

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The Low-down on the Low-flow

Ok, this is a topic that you may not wanna read when you are eating. It’s about toilets. Specifically, toilet clogging. Two nights ago, the Fat Cat did a VERY VERY bad thing and peed on the carpet…right in front … Continue reading

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Spring Sprang Sprung!

This is the first time I have lived in a place where there are 4 distinct seasons and it’s darn fun! Weather reports are actually crucial here. Today is the first offical day of spring, but it was still 23F … Continue reading

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Ambien Anyone?

It’s a day for linking news articles. This one about warnings about sleeping pills is really funny: The agency’s review was prompted, in part, by queries to it from The New York Times last year, after some users of the … Continue reading

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I just finished watching the entire Star Wars 6 movie series last weekend. Star War was always around my life, my brother’s toys, on TV re-runs, etc but I was too young to remember the first Star Wars movie my … Continue reading

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“Singapore believes the most important thing is what profits Singapore.”

Good article from the Int’l Herald Tribune about Singapore’s relations with her neighbours. Nothing very new, except I didn’t know we had stockpile’s of sand, and it’s a good summary. The island nation of Singapore has emergency reserves of imported … Continue reading

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