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Ok, I have the cutest sis-in-law and niece EVER! Tamsin (my father-in-law’s kid) and Star (my brother-in-law’s kid)

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Taste of Tea

Thanks to a glowing recommendation from the Gothamist (love that site), we headed down to the Imaginasian Theatre to catch Katsuhito Ishii’s Taste of Tea. It’s like Little Miss Sunshine in Japan, only weirder and lovelier. I love movies that … Continue reading

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Sorry We’re Straight II

So the resentment has apparently spread. In Aug 2003, Pat and I were walking hand-in-hand in the Castro where we lived and we heard a comment “What’s up with this guys with girls thing?” in a not very friendly tone. … Continue reading

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Enthusiasm Curbed

I got an email flyer to watch Richard Lewis at Comix for half-price, so we went. He was SO bad. His warm-up act was by far better than he was. He was unprofessionally unprepared. Incessant ramble…which we understand was his … Continue reading

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The BOOBS are no more. The last of the BOOBS has announced his FOOB status. Congrats! By Aug 08, all will be HOOBS. Although technically speaking, 2 of 4 OBS are no longer OBS. Congratulations all around…I’ve said it before … Continue reading

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Thrift Books!!

Recall my compalining about the lack of cheap used books in Singapore. After a 2 year dearth, I found an AMAZING source in the US, aptly named I paid between US$0.01-3.50 for the books I bought. Shipping costs more … Continue reading

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Pillow Fight!!

Now this is just silly. Pillow fight in NYC this Saturday. I was that wuss that hated pillow fights as a kid. All that thumping in the head gave me a massive headache. In Singapore, we call that boh-liao. But … Continue reading

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Pick Ups in New York

It was definitely a strange one yesterday. As I was walking past Grand Central Station, trying to avoid the sludge in the street, this guy taps me on the shoulder and says “Hi, I think you are so pretty and … Continue reading

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NYC Restaurants

More food reviews. We have been eating out less and cooking more lately, it’s far cheaper. But good recommendations so far: Union Square Cafe Business lunch. Union Square This is apparently a very famous restaurant. Went there on a business … Continue reading

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And The Results Are In…

Today, I went for an allergy test. The doctor put green spots on my arm with markers, then used droppers to put various sorts of allergens next to the marked spots (about 14 of them), then pricked me with needles … Continue reading

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