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Adventures of Zion

As we were watching the (brilliant) South Park episode with the Super Adventure Club (the Return of Chef), crazy Zion had a super adventure of her own. Recall this picture: We have occassionally been letting the cats out to the … Continue reading

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Sterilization…Almost Complete

From the Economist’s City Guide: Make it tidy Little India, one of Singapore‚Äôs more colourful districts, will soon get a makeover, courtesy of the government. Mah Bow Tan, the minister for national development, announced on January 6th that a new … Continue reading

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Chansidine Love Nest – Brooklyn

I really haven’t had the time to share a glimpse of life in Brooklyn, other than saying I (heart) Brooklyn. But I’ve found some down-time tonight (down-time as in I should really be studying but I’m at the computer…same same), … Continue reading

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We went to check out Doug Aitkens ‘Sleepwalkers‘ display at the MOMA on Thursday. It was stunning. In the cold, foggy night, the clarity of the video projected against the HUGE side of the building was amazing. With the city … Continue reading

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Pan’s Labyrinth

…is an EXCELLENT movie. Go watch!!!

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NYC Restaurants

I’ve been eating in so many different places in the past 3 weeks since I moved here. NYC is the restaurant capital in the world, for sure. The good and bad thing about moving to a new city (especially one … Continue reading

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I (heart) Thermals

It’s 19F or -7 degrees celcius outside right now and I’m toasty in the cold because of this wonderful thing called THERMAL UNDERWEAR. I don’t know why it took me this long to discover THERMAL UNDERWEAR but it’s the best … Continue reading

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What Would Charlotte’s Web Do?

My father-in-law emailed me this link: a scientific study on the effects of drugs alcohol on spider’s webs.

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A Night of Music

Ah, the novelty of it all kills me! NYC rocks! We headed out last night with some family friends from Singapore that were in town to dinner at Cacio e Pepe, excellent Roman food. Then we walked to Union Square … Continue reading

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New York Stank

It was all over the news in CNN in Singapore as well. Yeap, New York stank on Monday morning. My mom called and asked if I had a gas mask. The smell in my office was like a faint smell … Continue reading

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