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Short Post-Christmas Update

My new sister-in-law, Tamsin, says HI EVERYONE!! with her new hat she got for Christmas. Amongst my presents, I got a santa hat and an awesome Cartman t-shirt – talented in so many ways This is the view I have … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

I’m here in a very American town in Idaho and I’m loving Christmas here. There is snow on the ground outside, there’s barely anyone in the streets, the mountains paint every background…I’d never wanna live here, but I sure as … Continue reading

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kellykelly – Snowboarder…?

We are surely getting a white Christmas here in Idaho, in more ways than one. There’s lots of snow; and lots of white people. Heh. Welcome to the ‘real’ America, surrounded by split level houses, K-Mart, Target, Safeway, McDonald’s, Sizzler’s, … Continue reading

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Coming to America

PHEW!!! It’s been 2 weeks since the Chansidines left Singapore…feels like a lifetime. We have been incredibly busy. Moving halfway across the world AND planning a wedding from halfway across the world is no easy task. In our first week, … Continue reading

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Good Singaporean Samaritans

I am alone at home packing, moving while Pat’s at work. I have 4 boxes of about 25kg each to ship over to NYC, which need to be carried down one flight of stairs, into elevator then to the post … Continue reading

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*sniff sniff* The petmovers came to pick up the cats to send them for a health checkup before their flight on Sunday. Graciela’s done this before, so he was just sulking in the cage. But Zion and Buddy were MEOWING … Continue reading

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So Many Goodbyes, So Little Time

Haiyah. I’m getting sad. Yesterday was my last day at work. I was surprised by all the gifts I got from so many people. The clerical staff bought me a pretty bracelet. My colleagues bought me a pearl necklace/earrings set. … Continue reading

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