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Moving from an Era

Phase 1 of moving began yesterday. I threw most of my clothes into big vacuum sealable space bags. I filled about 3 of them and still had more clothes. WTF? Where did all the clothes come from? For someone who … Continue reading

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We Got IT!!! AGAIN!!

2 years ago, we stepped into this flat on Zion Road and knew right away it was our new home. We were the first to see the place and offered them a deposit on the spot. And we have been … Continue reading

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Got It.

I got my work visa today at the US Embassy. Their opening hours are 830-10am M-F for non-immigration visa applications. I got there at 830am on Monday. For 2 hrs, I was waiting in the carpark under the scorching sun. … Continue reading

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My Name Is…

How exciting. The Chansidines have found their love nest in NYC. Potentially. We are now finalizing the process. Details only when the deal is done. So anyway, was talking to our potential future landlord and he wants to be extra … Continue reading

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Oi, Ang Moh, Dun Spoil Market Leh!

Of course, these are but 2 of many, many taxi rides, but these occurred in the span of 2 days, and I thought they were a good analogy of “spoiling the market”. Background: Americans tip as part of their culture. … Continue reading

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Resfest 2006

Last weekend was Resfest again. This year, we caught Shorts 1,2,3, Cinema Electronica and Rock the Bells. Shorts 3 was whatever, forgettable. But Shorts 1 and 2 were the best collections of Resfest shorts I’ve seen in the past 2 … Continue reading

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A Flash of Brilliance

You know how sometimes we get flashes of brilliance? Well, it didn’t happen tonight. On the contrary, I had a flash of complete IDIOCY. So we are chilling at Chris’ and order a Margherita Spizza. I go pick it up. … Continue reading

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Announcing the End of an Era

A year ago, I mentioned something happening at work with a target time of 1 year. Well, the year-long brewing is finally ready. After an arduous 2-mth wait for the work visa (which usually takes 2 weeks) to come through … Continue reading

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Murder in My Mind

Reading, watching murder. Watching murder: Pat’s Korean friend lent us Memories of Murder. Now I have heard lots of hype about Korean films, mostly represented by a nauseatingly mawkish bespectacled guy called Bae Yong Jun with snowflakes in his hair, … Continue reading

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LASIK – 4 month

Went for my final 4-month post-LASIK checkup today and I am happy to say that I have ‘graduated’ with flying colours. I have NIL myopia with very mild astigmatism (0.25), which is not quite noticeable. I am entirely satisfied. No … Continue reading

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