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The Prestige

**spoiler…well not really, but IMO, if I’m going to watch a movie, I refuse to read any reviews about it till I’d watched it** Watched The Prestige today. Was confused in Act 1. Entertained in Act 2. And in Act … Continue reading

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Dream Dream Dream

I’m awake at 4am now. I had a dream that I was on a ship during a storm. I wake up at 4am completely nauseous with a pounding headache. I got seasick from my dream? WTF?

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The Rocky vs. Pocky Challenge

We headed back to Tioman again for the long weekend. On the way up, I had a funny craving for strawberry-flavored Pocky (IMO, one of the very few snacks where strawberry is far better than chocolate). I found instead, Rocky. … Continue reading

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Kindness is as Kindness Does

I lost my keys last night. Actually, I lost my keys on Saturday (probably), but only realized it last night. So I was moping around at home after I realized the loss. My keychain held all the keys in the … Continue reading

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Beauty Queens, Rats and Indonesian Maids

Beauty Queen: Saw Little Miss Sunshine a couple of weeks ago. A really delightful film. Superfreak! Rats: Saw The Departed. It was really really good. Jack Nicholson is my top 5 fav actors ever. Never liked Matt Damon nor Leo … Continue reading

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Please Enter Your Receipt Number Now

Today, I called an automated touch-tone system (whose? I shall reveal later): “Please key in your ten-digit receipt number now.” 1 second pause “To repeat this message, press zero now” The problem is, my receipt number starts with a ZERO, … Continue reading

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Benefits of Myspace

I take back what I said about Myspace. When you get into sending stupid shit to your friends and getting some back in return, it makes for a good mindless LOL time. Like the Lionel Richtea picture. And this video … Continue reading

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The Funniest Thing I Have Seen All Month

and I don’t know why, really. I laughed all day and am still laughing this morning. Whatta great picker-upper! From Natty’s myspace pix

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In between a fabulous wedding #1 (SG), and planning for wedding #2 (SF), the Chansidines celebrate their 1st (ROM – when we got legally married) anniversary! It’s ridiculous, but who cares? Whoohoo! The celebrations never end! My soul is so … Continue reading

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