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Is That Food?

After P’Eatzza…America now has…err….pancake-cum-sausage-cum-chocolate chip! America never ceases to amaze me with their ceaseless innovations. This is a great random blog to kill more brain cells, btw. And I’m reading it! Lazy Saturday! Whoohoo!

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Get ‘er Done!

I’ve done it. I’ve signed up for CFA Level II for June 2007. Don’t know why I torture myself so. Maybe for this feeling. I just have to concentrate on the fact that I -want- to do it and I … Continue reading

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We Don’t Need No White Picket Fences

On impulse, we decided to have a BBQ dinner yesterday at home. And since home is a 59 sq. meter flat with no balcony, we fired up our new S$12.90 hibachi grill on our 1.5m wide common corridor. It’s probably … Continue reading

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For the Narcissists in us

Again. I get all the Asian celebrities… but Laura Linney???? Mariah????

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I fell down while running for the bus this morning. It was a great fall, I tell ya! Shoes flying up! Bag skidding 2m in front of me! Body splats! The works! I haven’t fallen like that since Oct 2002 … Continue reading

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Why don’t you just stick it up yours? Part II

A sequal to my previous post about Romancing Singapore. I just received an email from a MCYS means Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports. They probably got my email when I registered our marriage. Are you ready to … Continue reading

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Native Speak

Language schools in Singapore love white people – fact. Pat teaches at a language school in Singapore. He’s been offered jobs from other language schools. These schools mostly have kids from Southeast Asia, Korea, China and Russia. They like white … Continue reading

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International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Yarrrghhh!!! It’s the International Talk Like A Pirate Day! You know what to do then, mate! taken at 7-11 in airport b4 heading to Krabi, July 06, when I bought eye patches as eye shields post-LASIK. taken in 2004 at … Continue reading

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The Singapore Dream; The Singapore Plan

My brother forwarded this link to me. It’s a truly excellent and heartfelt essay written by Colin Goh and his wife. Everyone should read it. (exerpt) …And no doubt it was the Dream, fueled by hard work and courage, that … Continue reading

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Over the Hill

Guy at Pure, MOS, sits next to me Guy: So…(points at Eileen and Ginny too)…are any of you girls single? Me: (waves left hand) I’m married. But they aren’t! Guy: Noooo…you look too young to be married! Me: I’m 25 … Continue reading

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