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The Law of One Line

The Law of One Line is simple. When there is more than one branch of anything offering the exact same thing – it could be 2 toilet stalls, 3 ATMs, 4 cashiers, etc – the fairest and most efficient way … Continue reading

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…oh how I hate it. I’m not talking about Biz Writing, which is great. Once I got the hang of it, I think I have done well in getting my writing straight to my credit point. I didn’t start off … Continue reading

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LASIK – Month 1

What can I say? After a month of LASIK, my eyes are as close to perfect as I could ever imagine. I’m looking at life through an LCD screen now; everythings sharp, clear and spectacular. Best sign of recovery is … Continue reading

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CFA – Level 1

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOHOOOO!!!!!! This feels abso-fuckin-lutely divine! Given how shitty I felt… And I just came back from a wonderful weekend in Krabi (details later). And my eyes have been PERFECT lately! And I have a wedding in 17 days. … Continue reading

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LASIK – Week 3

Time flies. Time for 3rd week update. I still have the mild ghosting in my right eye, but it has gotten remarkably better in the last couple of days. I read somewhere that even if my eyes don’t feel dry, … Continue reading

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Random Question of the Day

You know those peanuts in shell that are garlic flavoured? How do they make the peanuts garlic flavoured if they are still in the shell? Does garlic permeate through the shell? It’s a marvelous invention.

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Pick Ups

How to do it: Getting off the 186 this morning, which weirdly enough, isn’t air-con at peak hour every friggin’ morning. Guy1: Just wanted to say that you were the coolest looking person on that bus with that dress. Me … Continue reading

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Myspace Is Gross

I joined myspace a couple of days ago because Natalie asked me to and to check out her funny pictures. In 2 days, I got a whole bunch of ‘Friend Requests’ and messages from a bunch (at least 15) of … Continue reading

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LASIK – Week 2

Lasik Week 2 has been far better than Week 1 was. Not much changes since last review. I’m definitely getting vision fluctuations though, some days the ghosting is worse than other days. It’s usually in line with how much sleep … Continue reading

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Natalie in Singapore

My sister-in-law, Natalie, is back in town (she’s been traveling round SEA for the past 2 months)! Headed to Bintan for a good 2.5hrs on Saturday. Was fun just taking the boat there, having lunch at Mana Mana and heading … Continue reading

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