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LASIK – Day 2

I got for my day-after appointment at 1030am. More waiting. Oprah is on again. I see the same couple of girls that went before and after me. We are all wearing sunglasses and look doped out on our sleeping pills. … Continue reading

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LASIK – Day 1

My surgery: Thursday, 29 June 06, 10am. I am not nervous at all, more excited. My parents/husband seem more nerved that I was. I get there at 10am and wait pretty much till until noon. Bloody hell. Oprah is on … Continue reading

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We watched Monster the other day. Hollywood sure knows how to hype things up. They could have gotten one of the thousands of washed-up white trash in Florida to play (and not have to act much) the role of Aileen … Continue reading

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A Million Little Pieces

Marnie & Paul lent me this book last Friday. For all of Saturday, I tore through half of the book, very impressed and very depressed by it. Depressed because I was impressed by the description of the shithole Frey was … Continue reading

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All You Angmohs Look Alike

Eileen sends us this flyer from The Arts House about free events at the Courtyard next Friday evening, claiming that this saxophonist looks like Patrick. I didn’t think so at first, but upon 2nd look, oh my fucking god…he so … Continue reading

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Delicious Do-Nothing Days

I haven’t had much to write about these days…mainly because I have done fuck-all these days. I am avoiding all smokey places to look after my pre-Lasik eyes, so that rules out clubbing (which kinda bores me these days anyway). … Continue reading

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North Korea

Have you ever wondered what North Korean is like? Well, I have. This dude went to North Korea and took some amazingly rare pictures. You have to check it out.

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Dumb Quote of the Day

“Kevin has always been a fan of African-American culture,” she replied. “I’m sure he’ll feel at home there, rapping with all the natives. I just wish he hadn’t cut his cornrows.” – Britney Spears, on why she wanted to give … Continue reading

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Shopping Schmopping…

*sigh* I need to buy a dress for my wedding. Since I refuse to spend way too much money on a wedding gown which (a) I will never wear again and (b) will be entirely forgettable because every wedding dress … Continue reading

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Hey, do you know what I’m doing this weekend?? NOT STUDY! Do you know how sweet and delicious the first weekend of NOT STUDYING feels?? BLOODY GREAT! On Friday, I helped Chef Pat cook up a big meal for Yew … Continue reading

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