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Product placement which I’m not paid for: KrazyKris aka DJ Sorenson gave me a Tempur pillow. He got it for free after buying the Tempur mattress, which he later returned cos he didn’t like it. They didn’t take the pillow … Continue reading

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Jesus Criss!

Masacra-wearing Rock Star + Magician = Fucking Sexy! Criss Angel is my latest distraction. I hadn’t heard of him till my brother-in-law & his wife went to watch him live and emailed us pix of them with him. I have … Continue reading

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Toilet Trained?

I was googling about automated kitty litter boxes and stumbled into this site and seriously thought it was a joke like this is. And then I google searched it and it’s true! Oh my god…it’d be a dream come true. … Continue reading

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Bay to Breakers

Ohhh man…has it been another year already??It’s the annual SF Bay to Breakers race again! We walked it in 2004. Gosh, I never felt time fly so quickly. Some hilarious shots from SFgate. Why do they even bother? Because they … Continue reading

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Creating a Context

My father-in-law gives me these powerful words for the CFA: I create the possibility of BRILLIANCE and great memory for the CFA! The test is EASY for me because I have brilliant recall, insight and analytical ability! It’s called “creating … Continue reading

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2 Weeks

The countdown begins. Almost 2 weeks till the CFA. Whoohoo! I don’t dread the exam, I simply can’t wait to take it and get it over and done with. The hours of preparation have been fruitful. In the last stretch, … Continue reading

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Back from Tioman…again! This time, PADI-certified open water divers! Whoohoo! All that hype about how wonderful it is to dive is true. It was an amazing feeling, not only being 18m underwater, but being aware of the technicalities of your … Continue reading

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Power to the People

I voted today! For the first time in my life! I gotta admit, I have not been following the local media too much because I just get pissed off when I do so. I wish I could have had more … Continue reading

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SPG galore

Watching the scuba-diving video and reading the theoretical bits, Pat and I couldn’t help but snigger (very childishly I admit) everytime they refer to the Submersible Pressure Gauge or SPG*. “The SPG is mandatory equipment”; “All SPGs come in different … Continue reading

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Tioman, Again!

I think Tioman is my favorite place on earth. I just got so happy when I saw it. It’s just so lush. And Bamboo Hills Chalet is just such a lovely lovely place. It’s rustic, simple but so clean and … Continue reading

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