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Things that make me go awww…

…kitty on the table head-butts my forehead while purring madly asking for attention as I study… …kitty rubs against my head asking for attention while I sleep… ok, ok, she probably only likes the heat from the laptop and my … Continue reading

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Bali Bagus!

Bali was awesome. Simply spectacular. Valuair has a nice Friday afternoon (3:15pm) flight, leaving Bali at 740pm on Sunday (2hrs each way), so you can take a 1/2 day off work and get to spend the whole weekend there. After … Continue reading

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Travels in China

busybusybusy. WorkTravelStudy. I haven’t had time to breathe. Thankfully things are a little slow at work today. Got back from a whirlwind 5 days in Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau. Actually, it wasn’t as whirlwind as it sounds cos they … Continue reading

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We Are Connected

About 2 years ago… We had spent a good night out in San Francisco, bumping into friends here and there. A guy friend we call Rave Dave is out and about with us. He introduces us to his “soul mate”, … Continue reading

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Why Don’t You Just Stick It Up Yours?

Flipping through Think magazine (issue #17), I came across this ad. Alright. A somewhat provocative ad (by Singa-standards). Whatever. Then I realized that it is… Gaaah! It’s supported by the government! [For non-Singas, Romancing Singapore is this bizarre year long … Continue reading

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Sweet Pop

Time for some saccharine candy pop. Between workworkstudystudy, I really enjoy plopping down for that hour or so watching American Idol twice a week. Nothing soaks your brain in un-nutritional candy better than passive TV viewing. And I, with utterly … Continue reading

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Drive Safely

Geez. 7:30am. Accident at the corner of South Bridge Road and Pickering Street. I got pictures but can’t upload them at work now. Picture a taxi facing the right way, all smashed in front. A motorcycle turned on its side … Continue reading

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Our Funny Language, Singlish

Sign at a local Country Club Patrick asks “How do I know how you forget your membership card?” For non-Singaporeans, that sentence is just another way of saying “I forget my membership card…what do I do or what happens?”. Unelegant, … Continue reading

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