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YAR! Spank Me!

We watched a couple of stellar movies this week. Fargo. Bizarre. Amazing acting. Crazy story. Awesome. Made me say “YAR! YAR!” all night. Secretary: Bizarre. Amazing acting. Crazy story. Awesome. Made me bendover & yell “SPANK ME! SPANK ME!” all … Continue reading

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Pop! Goes the Corn

My husband is a science genius. I heated up a bowl of corn (not kernals, the corn on cob type, just not on cob) in a plastic bowl with a plastic cover in the microwave and the cover steamed shut … Continue reading

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From The Economist’s Singapore country briefing: String ‘em up Singaporeans are strongly in favour of the country’s capital punishment policy, a rare public-opinion survey on the subject has revealed. Some 96% of those polled by the Sunday Times newspaper backed … Continue reading

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My Pussy Is In Heat

Poor kitty Zion is in heat for the first time in her life. Good thing is that she’s been incredibly affectionate, nuzzling my arm all day, craving for attention. She could be lesbian. She doesn’t go to Pat much, just … Continue reading

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Peanuts are Pickles

For Valentine’s Day, Pat took me to Ling Zhi, which I’ve been wanting to try for some time. The food was pricey (in the normal prices but small portions sense) but light & lovely. But chalk this one up for … Continue reading

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General Cuckoo Bananas

The Simpsons go to China is arguably one of my favorite Simpsons episodes. A few gasp-worthy and laugh-out-loud quotes: Chinese Adoption Agent: The Chinese Government only allows wholesome married couples to adopt. No hen without cock. I apologize if that … Continue reading

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My Fine Ass Hurts…

The Chansidines went on a bike ride today. We took my brother’s and my 10-year old bikes and rode it from Sembawang to Zion Road. If you don’t know Singapore, it’s from pretty much the north to the south of … Continue reading

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Shower @ Hideout – Sat 11 Feb 06

31b circular road singapore 049387, Hideout. Purely driven by music & art, for one night only, comes the showcase of paintings & photography by artists, Sudhir Vadaketh, Dennis Ong, Tan Tai Tien, Yam Hoe Chee, Lim Shengen, Dexter Ang, Kimberly … Continue reading

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Studies have shown…

A study conducted by UCLA’s Department of Psychiatry has revealed that the kind of face a woman finds attractive on a man can differ depending on where she is in her menstrual cycle. For example: If she is ovulating, she … Continue reading

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Carbon Copy

Boing Boing compares The Economist’s and Adbusters’ covers and say they may not be so different after all. I think Boing Boing completely missed the point that Adbusters was clearly doing a spoof on The Economist (grrr…I can’t make a … Continue reading

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