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Boh Liao SMS of the Day

Today is International Good Looking Day. Send this text to someone you think is gorgeous. Don’t send it back to me, I’ve had fucking hundreds.

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Hubby’s outta town for a coupla days cos he has 2 extra days off before CNY and I don’t. Contrary to popular belief, PROOF! that the Chansidines aren’t joint at the hip. I sadly unlocked the door last night knowing … Continue reading

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Banker Whore

Work has been intense lately. After 15 months on the job, I finally feel like I’m working. Relatively, anything I did preceding to this was just passive absorption of information (at times when I’m not copiously twiddling thumbs, that is). … Continue reading

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CB* of the Year^ Award

…goes to the 2 aunties at OUB Building Sakae Sushi. Picture Sakae Sushi at lunch time (read: it’s crowded). There are 2 of us. Waitress leads us to our seats. One seat is at the very end of the row. … Continue reading

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Happy Days!

I’m going to hafta start a new thread of Stupid Deals that I see popping up randomly across particularly Singapore. You know, one of those that don’t even save you anything, e.g. 1 pint for $5…5 pints for…$25! Whoohoo! Or … Continue reading

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The End

*Warning: spoilers for Bad Santa and The Killing Fields*  Remember Wayne’s World, where they had a few different endings for you to choose from? I kinda wished they had that for Bad Santa. Anthony and I had a conversation about … Continue reading

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Triple Image

So Li’ll Zion has a new, less distracting spot to sleep. Spot the Pussy:   And then, as I am looking at the picture on my computer, she remained at the same position, so I took another shot. Then I … Continue reading

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Study Buddy

My CFA study buddy.    She’s not very encouraging.

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Week 1 2006

It’s been a peacefully happy first week so far. Notable notables: 1. NYE: Amazing house party (read: amazing house amazing party) invited by Sudhir V, hosted by eng/un su, music provided by Radiance Crew. The house was probably the most … Continue reading

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