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My Peanut Butter Sandwich

We headed out for the night to Esplanade outdoor theatre to catch ‘John Doe’ (local band, friend of a friend, very good covers. I only hope they can translate that talent into good original productions). Then we were slotted to … Continue reading

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Front page of ST?

…yeah right. ST is more inclined to publish letters from someone complaining about T-shirts, than to have a proper discourse about the death penalty in Singapore.  Insightful and rare article from The Australian that every Singaporean should read. I don’t … Continue reading

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Wow. This would be very cool to view. The website’s very well designed, as you’d expect. Too bad I’ll be in Bangkok then. I mean, yay! I’ll be heading to Bangkok then.

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Cheer On

Bush’s cheerleader withdraws. Thankfully. One could only wonder how on earth he had her nominated in the first place. Dumb ass.   The reason proffered was the sacred duty to protect the secrecy of President George W. Bush’s executive papers. … Continue reading

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MDA bans gay website and fines another one

One of the complainants, Mr Ricky Lee, a 33-year-old freelance software programmer, told The Straits Times that the local site that was fined used to have nude pictures and videos of gay men having sex, but these have been removed… … Continue reading

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Customer Disservice

Background: I use a Starhub pre-paid phone card. Each top-up comes in denominations of $18 each. Since I have a bunch of "points" accumulated from the past year of paying for my other mobile phone, the cable TV and internet, … Continue reading

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Vouchers Well Spent

Zion knocked over our speakers and spoiled them. So we headed down to Courts on my hard earned $200 Courts voucher and got these bad-ass Altec Lansing speakers with cables long enough to place neatly around the top of the … Continue reading

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I watched Pat spend all night last night on the first Sudoku puzzle in Friday’s ‘Today’. So I was curious. I tried today’s Today puzzle. It took me about 45 min to solve my first one (after a careless mistake … Continue reading

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Calvin & Hobbes

"It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy … let’s go exploring!" -Calvin CNN has a nice article on the creator of Calvin and Hobbes. C & H is one of my favorite comics ever. I love the fact that Watterson … Continue reading

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I’m never moving to Florida. Other than the fact that it’s a place that pretty much sucks any soul outta you, they are amidst hurricanes‘ paths. I’m terrified of storms (lightning mostly since I saw someone get struck down when … Continue reading

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