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White Elephants and Morality

I wonder what people overseas would think of Singapore if they follow the Singapore cities guide in The Economist. An extract: Khoo d’etat Eric Khoo, Singapore’s top film-maker, is earning plaudits at home and abroad for his latest effort, “Be … Continue reading

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

…is one of the loveliest movies I’ve seen this year. Written by Charlie Kaufman (Being John Malkovich, Adaptation…both of which I loved) and directed by Michel Gondry (Bjork videos), you already know you are in for a treat. I was … Continue reading

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You’re Darn Sure?

From front page of The Financial Times today: Bush in plea to cut use of cars and energy Remarkable shift in rhetoric for US president …“we can all pitch in by being better conservers of energy. I mean people just … Continue reading

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We’ve been watching the Megacities series on the National Geographic Channel. It really is a wonderful series. With each city, they pick one or two key ‘organs’ and peel away the layers to explain how it works. So far, we’ve … Continue reading

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Bad Taste

It was time for another Detention Class karaoke session, and someone (jamesweber?) somewhere sometime suggested that we threw a Bad Taste Party, where everyone showed up in their Baddest Taste clothes. Now, Bad Taste is quite a subtle thing…it is … Continue reading

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Tortured Soul

…was really great last night. We met Christian (drummer/singer) almost 2 years ago. He was a roomate of Pat’s ex-roomate with whom we crashed over when we were in NYC. We saw the band in SF half a year later … Continue reading

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So I am throwing myself into the abyss and signed up for the CFA exam for June 2006. sigh. I will probably been moaning and groaning about it more as the time nears, but I am also quite excited about … Continue reading

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HAR?? Part 2

I bought a humidifier last night. Before anyone goes "why the hell do you need a humidifier in 99.99% humidity Singapore??", the answer is actually more ridiculous: we pay to have the air-con on every night, and now I need … Continue reading

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Singapore and Katrina

Someone from Berkeley’s SMSA posted this article, Singapore and Katrina from the NYT: Indeed, Singapore believes so strongly that you have to get the best-qualified and least-corruptible people you can into senior positions in the government, judiciary and civil service … Continue reading

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Pat’s temp job in SG is to update a marketing database, i.e. call people and ask them if their information is still valid and request for info like email/website. Ang moh talking to aunties/uncles over the phone makes for some … Continue reading

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