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Announcing The Affirmation

On 12 Aug, Pat took me to Dolores Park in San Francisco, the place where we spent our first day together, and asked me to marry him. I was in a complete state of shock (we’d never talked about It. … Continue reading

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The Come Down

I’ve almost been afraid to begin a blog post. Since my last update, I’ve been to Montreal, driving down to Vermont, then into NYC, then flown to Seoul, and back to Singapore. So much has happened in the past 3 … Continue reading

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West to East

A few minutes from leaving San Francisco. Damn. It has been an incredible week here. It’s hard for us to say goodbye to so many special people. What a whirlwind of a week. The first of two weddings we came … Continue reading

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I Left My Heart In San Francisco

Wow. If I thought I felt at home in Berkeley, it really hit me when I walked into SF on Monday morning. While I was a Berkeley student, I got out of the ‘college’ life pretty quickly and I’d say … Continue reading

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kellykelly in Cali Cali!

Back in Berkeley. I had the same feeling being in Berkeley again as I did when I got back to Singapore after being away: I’m home again. It’s like I never left. Everything is so familiar, I know where this … Continue reading

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12 hours

In the middle of my phenomenal 12 hour transit in Seoul (oh, the life of a budget traveler). I popped a sleeping pill at 11pm on the flight up. Slept like a log all the way (since I hardly slept … Continue reading

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Defending Video Games

Hey kids, bring this up to your parents: The Economist thinks video games could be good for you. The Economist even provides you a link to this site where you can see screenshots of sexual content hidden in Grand Theft … Continue reading

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…is my new favorite word. Whoohoo! In case I don’t have time to write tomorrow, since I have an all day conference then rush home to grab stuff and run to the airport, I’ll be flying off, off and away! … Continue reading

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Poetry to Share

I wrote to Mr. P about Bukowski [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10]and Mr. P liked them. Then Mr P. told me about a couple of writers he liked: Sharon Olds and Gavin Ewart. And now, … Continue reading

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Creative Crazies

A must-see site. Absolutely disturbing. Absolutely creative. postsecret 

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