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T-shirts to T-bonds–Theory to Truth

Great article showing the links between economic theory and real life. Why is it that our professors hardly link real life to theories while teaching us Economics 100? Or maybe it was me, who was too obsessed with getting the … Continue reading

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Haven’t Heard That One Before…

Krazy Karen wins the Most Unique Response to A Mindless Chat Question "Whacha doin’?" prize: "Sitting with gf watching her breastfeed"

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Another Kinda Party

I was MIA-ing this weekend. A combination of: (a) no must-gos to go to; (b) intensely hermiting myself in quality quiet alone time to prepare for my 3 week vacation in USA with many Americans that wouldn’t shut up (don’t … Continue reading

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Rockson Rocks!

Of course you have already heard about him, but this guy definitely a laugh-out-loud read. I have a nagging suspicion that he is linked to the Talking Cock gang. Rockson Takumi Tan He’s kinda like what Xiaxue thinks she is, … Continue reading

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Yeo Cheow Tong for Prez!

Found on Singabloodypore: The unOfficial Yeo Cheow Tong Website   Ingenious!

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Biggest Newspaper in the Country

Of course, anything to do with NKF is still front page news. But with all the important news events in the world today, I think Zero Gravity Noodles needs to be front page news!  Oh, and don’t forget you can … Continue reading

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Once More, For the Record…

I hate cats! I hate cats! I hate cats! I hate cats! I hate cats! I hate cats! I hate cats! I hate cats! I hate cats! I hate cats! I hate cats! I hate cats! I hate cats! I … Continue reading

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I am thoroughly enjoying Disc 1 of Xen Cuts that Pat had downloaded off from somewhere. I didn’t think I have ever sat down and listened to Ninja Tune before, but apparently I have because it all sounds very familiar. … Continue reading

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We’re here, We’re Queer!

What’s in a name? The US Patent and Trademark Office has rejected a request to trademark “Dykes on Bikes”, the name of a group of lesbian motorcyclists famous for rolling through San Francisco’s streets every June, at the head of … Continue reading

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Cat Flea

No, the Fat Bastard doesn’t have fleas. Thank god. I But he was at the Flea Market, as promised,on Sunday. The day itself was a financial failure. I barely broke-even. I chalk it up to: The crowd: While there were … Continue reading

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