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Right Back At’cha!

From The Economist’s Letters: War on tobacco SIR – I read with interest the news that the United States Justice Department is “seeking $10 billion from tobacco companies it accuses of a 50-year conspiracy to make smokers addicted to cigarettes” … Continue reading

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False Alarm

5:03pm: Fire alarm goes off. No one budges. Work goes on as per normal. 5:04pm: Announcement "Ladies and Gentlemen, the alarm has gone off on the 17th floor. We will investigate the situation" 5:07pm: Announcement "Ladies and Gentlemen, we have … Continue reading

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Make Your Mind Hum

Bukowski’s recommended reading. The first real book I found was by a fellow named Upton Sinclair. his sentences were simple and he spoke with anger. He wrote with anger. He wrote about the hog pens of chicago. He came right … Continue reading

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A Page from Bukowski’s Childhood

"He has no ambition," said my father. "I don’t see how he can hold his god-damned head up and look people in the eye."…"If this country was full of men like him the Chinks would take over and we’d be … Continue reading

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TwAttica – Dumb and Dumberest

*crawls on the floor and knocks head repeatedly on the ground* Once again, we so did not want to go. It was Jon’s going away party, and we love Jon, and the rest of his crew had already made reservations … Continue reading

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DiA, Grant Nelson & Blogger Linked

Friday night started off at what is now our frequent spot, Harbin Corner Bar, nicknamed by us because it sits at the corner of Boon Tat & Stanley and they serve Harbin beer at Happy Hour prices of $10 for … Continue reading

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Dumb and Dumberer

Further evidence of why humans are dumb. The Economist writes about the pioneer stream of Chinese tourists in Britain. Apparently, these Chinese who go all the way to England love to buy Clarks shoes, which are made for probably 50 … Continue reading

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Dumb and Dumber

I have been doing this awesome pilates abs workout where you lay on the ground with your legs bent, feet flat on the floor. Then you lift up your hips so your body looks like a slope. Then you lift … Continue reading

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Swap Swap

Jacob’s great idea of having a Swap Meet, where are bunch of us gather our stuff (books, DVDs, CDs mostly) and swap with each other so we all have new stuff to read/watch without spending a single cent, satisfied my … Continue reading

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20 min Loo

After swimming, I checked my handphone, only to read a very disturbing sms from Ken: My god I’ve been stuck in a female toilet for the past twenty minutes. I’m so traumatized. My initial reaction was, of cos, "WTF?". I … Continue reading

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