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Spectacular, Star War Is!

Oh, wow, all the hype about Star Wars is true then! So, *cough*, the last Star Wars movie, the end of the beginning, was my *cough* very first Star Wars movie. Yes, folks, I was a Star Wars virgin before … Continue reading

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Cheap Books for Cheap kellykelly?

I’m done with Bukowski’s Women. Highly recommended. Absolutely hilarious, and be warned, many cold showers or a willing partner required. Will be posting favorite quotes up soon.  We headed to Borders yesterday, praying that they’d be stocked with Bukowskies. Hurrah! … Continue reading

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Singapore Club Scene

Group consensus decided that we head down to DXO last night to check out Stephane K. Hesitation only at the possibility of having to pay $24 (BAULK! BAULK!) to get in, but went in faith that Pat could work his … Continue reading

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*spoiler alert* (as with all my movie reviews) Caught Madagascar last night. It’s not as wonderfully entertaining as I thought The Incredibles or Shrek or Toy Story (1) were. It sits in the 2nd league of animated movies, e.g. shark … Continue reading

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Will The Real Mao Please Stand Up?

Wow. Book alert! New book, Mao: The Unknown Story, by Jung Chang (and her husband this time).  Jung Chang and her husband Jon Halliday conclude: "Mao…was a megalomaniac of unremitting evil".The Economist claims theirs is likely more an unbalanced story … Continue reading

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Wah lau…call me a "third world plunderer"??? Ok lah, I go to other southeast asia countries to look see and probably add my bit to the cultural decay with my tourism…but I never plunder what!!! In your harem somemore. Don’t … Continue reading

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Bukowski – Women

Yo! Ladies! Here’s a great pick up line for ya! "I want to fuck you," she said. "It’s your face." "What about my face?" "It’s magnificent. I want to destroy your face with my cunt."  – Bukowski, Women I love … Continue reading

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The Eternal Compromise

Yes, yes, TV is poison, and I really hardly watch it. But darn it, I really really wanna watch the American Idol finals on now. The repeat telecast is on too late. But the Champions League is on at the … Continue reading

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Bukowski Beats – The Secret

"Yes, the poems come "off the top of my head," I seldom know what I’m going to write when I sit down. There isn’t much agony and sweat of the human spirit involved in doing it. The writing’s easy, it’s … Continue reading

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Bukowski Beats – Wearing the collar

very cute. sometimes I feel like the dog too. wearing the collar I live with a lady and four cats and some days we all get along. some days I have trouble with one of the cats. other days I … Continue reading

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