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Kellog 4.0!!

Welcome to Kellog 4.0!! Please update your links to Archived posts may have broken links to pictures, due to blogger’s Hello! not allowing external links. After 3 weeks of hard work moving the whole blog over, I’m too lazy … Continue reading

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Woe Upon AI!

Constantine, the one person I tune into American Idol for, is OUT! Woe! Woe! *sigh* How is it possible that the very very annoying Anthony Fedorov and the constantly out-of-tune Scott Savol is still in? Americans, you are dumber than … Continue reading

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Buddies @ km8

My suggestion to bring all my buddies to km8 turned out to be great. There were far less model/dumb ass types compared to the last time. No doubt, there still were plenty, but this time, I had a great buffer … Continue reading

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The Night My Parents Went to Zouk

Zouk’s 14th Anniversary will henceforth be known as The Night My Parents Went To Zouk. They have never been to Zouk before, and I’ve been dying to take them out. On Saturday night, Pat and I took my parents to … Continue reading

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Scratched by Perverts

After the birthday celebrations, I refused to fall asleep on my birthday night, so we trotted down to Zouk to catch Scratch Perverts and Phil Asher. Now, I thought I’d spend far more time at Velvet for Jazz in the … Continue reading

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kellykelly’s Birthday!

Oh! Happy Day! My parents took me and Pat out to Raffles Hotel’s billard room for a yummilicious buffet dinner. Although the great sashimi, raw oysters mixed with cheese, crackers, rich desserts and numerous espresso shots did not do our … Continue reading

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Mummy’s Birthday

Overdue pictures. Since Mummy’s birthday is on the 21st and mine’s on the 22nd, it’s always a celebratory mood in the Chan household around this time. We went to a great Teochew restaurant along Old Havelock Road called Liang Kee. … Continue reading

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April 22nd

In commemoration of Earth Day, my birthday, an article from The Economist: “Mandate, regulate, litigate.” That has been the green mantra. And it explains the world’s top-down, command-and-control approach to environmental policymaking. Slowly, this is changing. Yesterday’s failed hopes, today’s … Continue reading

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Miyagi-ed and Rio-ed

I got a flood of hits from Mr Miyagi after he put my picture up on his for some odd long arm (I didn’t even notice) fetish reason. His is a popular site, so I’m not surprised by the traffic. … Continue reading

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Birthday Girls

*sings*Happy Birthday to Mummy (21st) and Me (22nd), Happy Birthday to Mummy and Me,Happy Birthday to Mummy and Me,Happy Birthday to Mummy and Meeeee!!! I love birthdays! =D

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