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Fog It

From my brother who got it from Mr Miyagi, find out the readability of your blog: Readability Results for Total sentences 465 Total words 3,907 Average words per Sentence 8.40 Words with 1 Syllable 2,778 Words with 2 Syllables … Continue reading

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Arm Pillow

I clicked on this link at the bottom of my Gmail email where I mentioned to a friend that I miss Pat (if you don’t know, Gmail has an ingenious AdSense tool that tailors their advertisement links according to what … Continue reading

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U R Sleeping

Yay!! I finally found the lyrics (in some random Español site)to one of my current favorite (progressive) house anthems, PQM’s ‘U R Sleeping’. You can here a clip of it here. Put on your best headphones and turn up the … Continue reading

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The Earth Moved (day after)

It is so weird that all this panic and scramble was going on, when all I felt was a light sway in my quiet flat all by myself. My thoughts and prayers to those affected. We are reminded of what … Continue reading

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The Earth Moved (confirmation)

A confirmation on ChannelNewsAsia on TV. I guess we’ll see it online soon. My thoughts and prayers that no human disaster has followed.

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The Earth Moved (update)

I’m doing a check for earthquakes around the world and dammit, my suspicions were right. From Global Earthquake Report: 8.2 earthquake off the coast of Sumatra 4:09pm Edinburgh time, which is about 11:09pm Singapore time. But we felt it an … Continue reading

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I Feel The Earth, Move, Under My Feet

Ok, it’s about 1220am now. 2 minutes ago, I felt the table swaying. I thought it was just me cos I have low blood pressure and often feel light headed. But the ornaments hanging on my bamboo plant were clanging. … Continue reading

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The Earth Moved (more)

Last update before I go to bed. CNN’s first write-up on it here. I remember someone mentioning in the office a couple of weeks ago that another earthquake was predicted off Sumatra, or was it in one of those silly … Continue reading

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Bangin’ Bangkok

No, I didn’t do anything I couldn’t write home about. But I pretty much lived it up in Bangkok this weekend. Going to Bangkok this time around was a decidedly different experience backpacking with my boyfriend last November. Having done … Continue reading

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Chansidine Anniversary

It’s past midnight…today marks the Chansidine 2nd anniversary! It also marks the 2nd time we’ve spent our anniversary on different continents (I was in Singapore for spring break last year)…oh well, ain’t no matter. We met on the last Sunday … Continue reading

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