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From Glam to Poop (Lovely Sideways in Between)

Desyn Masiello spun one of the more spirited sets of late, the cutest DJ yet as well. Loads of fun meeting up with 3 different crews: the expat batch, the Berkeley/JC/friends of chums, and of course the Zouk-ites. Sunday early … Continue reading

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Joy Luck Club Revisited

Suyuan Only two kind of daughters. Those who are obedient and those who follow their own mind! Only one kind of daughter can live in this house. Obedient daughter! Waverly You don’t know, you don’t know the power you have … Continue reading

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Pay For What?

So I got an email for Straits Times Interactive: We thank you for your interest in the website and would like to inform you about a major change coming to STI in March: After 10 years of giving ST news … Continue reading

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Merci, Y’all!

Latest cover from The Economist, tee hee. Classic. Only cos I could totally hear the Prez say it.

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Pick Up of the Week

Location: Great World City; waiting for shuttle to MRT.Boy*: Do you know if there’s a Jack’s Place here?Me: Har? (takes headphones blaring Way Out West off) Errr…don’t know. Maybe you can check the directory.Boy: Oh ok. (pause) I just move … Continue reading

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I’ve always kidded my brother about living in butt-fuck Indiana (they go to Walmart on weekends), but having live views of that place just takes all the mockery to the next level. And the title…ohh boy. "I like having an … Continue reading

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The Gobbledygook Generator

Gobbledygook had its first mention here. Now, generate your own gobbledygook! Plain English Campaign: The gobbledygook generator

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Convulating Balkanizing Solipsist and Cockloft

Laces here has a great li’ll addition, from a music lover’s POV, to an on-going generic sociological debate about the social balkanization that the Internet accelerates. (P.S. There’s a whole lot more accurate and better articles/papers about this issue, I … Continue reading

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The Economist hits the nail on the head: Most people’s feelings about America are complicated. “America”, after all, is shorthand for many other terms: the Bush administration, a Republican-dominated Congress, Hollywood, a source of investment, a place to go to … Continue reading

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Further Fulfilment of KKSC Activities

The Come Stroke Pat’s Pussy party went along swimmingly. Patrick actually did ‘show up’ for the party…through webcam. Ken took a cool pomo (post-modern) shot of Kenneth and the computer screen with Pat and I chatting. James Holden at Zouk … Continue reading

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