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Art Roark

After I got Pat hooked on ‘The Fountainhead‘, Howard Roark has become our Chansidine Hero. Kudos to Pat for finding this awesome painting inspired by Howard Roark.

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Auntie Killa

Random auntie in the elevator. Karen took this picture a couple of weekends ago when she bumped into us outside Zouk, and we popped back home for them to grab a shot or two. It’s now one of my favorite … Continue reading

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Black Strobe Essential Mix

If you missed this mix…errr…too bad?* Because this is probably one of my favorite Essential Mixes ever. I first mentioned it in this post, but with my new bad-ass Sennheiser PX100 headphones, it is quite a different experience that makes … Continue reading

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Not Here

Random reads today brought me to an article in the Straits Times about Singaporean men getting Vietnamese brides. ‘I went to work in the factory because I wanted to marry a foreign man,’ she told The Sunday Times in a … Continue reading

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Weekend n Love

Whatta fun weekend. Kicked off with a great ‘poh fan’ (Claypot rice) dinner with my parents at Chinatown, hustling and bustling with the CNY crowd for CNY goodies shopping (I currently have obscene amounts of nuts and cuttlefish at home). … Continue reading

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Great cover from The Economist this week. LOOK at it in one way and the general election due in Iraq next Sunday, January 30th, is an inspiring event. After decades of dictatorship Iraqis are being given an opportunity most Arabs … Continue reading

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That’s My Berkeley!

This is very cool. Telegraph Street right off campus. Oh mannnn…this makes me miss Berkeley!

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Tenor Tenure?

Ok, so help me out here. I’ve not noticed this till lawyer friend Eunice (who passed the Bar exam 2 days ago, WHOOHOO!! Congratulations!!!) mentioned something "funny" at work yesterday. People were using "tenor" in place of "tenure" as she … Continue reading

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I have sworn off TV for ages. But with American Idol, and now I found out that this is on too…I have new reasons to watch TV again! …or not.

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Aceh, First Hand

May I recommend a good read: my buddy Alex’s first hand experience volunteering in Aceh. Nice write-ups, photos. This is the same guy that went out and did something during the SARS incident as well. Much respect to you, Gorny.

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