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Alive and Well

Thanks for your concern, all those who have frantically sms-ed/emailed me after the terrible Asian earthquake. We’re perfectly fine here in Koh Phangan. We’re on the other coast of Thailand, so we were completely unaffected, thank god. It was freaky … Continue reading

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Away We Go!

Barely awake at the airport. We’re off to Koh Phangan for a week. Already annoyed by the Tiger Airways rule stated up front that you cannot consume "outside food and drinks" on the flight. I pointed out to lady at … Continue reading

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Picture Perfect

A picture would have told these words, but I didn’t have my camera with me, so here are the words instead: Basement, Takashimaya shopping center. 3 women on a bench, (left to right) a grandmother, a mother, an Indonesian/Philippino maid. … Continue reading

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What is Acceptable? – Part II

A continuation of my previous post… It is acceptable: To have a boot party in a carpark with 20 people crowded round a vehicle sloshing alcohol openly. It is not acceptable: To walk around in the streets carrying (of course … Continue reading

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The Coolest Thing Ever

We have decorated our Christmas Tree with pictures. Last night, my parents brought over some of theirs at our request to put up on our tree. I think this picture of my mother on top of the tree next to … Continue reading

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All Look Same

The ang mor beat me with a score of 10. I got the average 7. Damn.

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Ah Lian vs. SPG

I’ve recently been browsing through a couple of blogs Michelle introduced me to: Xiaxue and SarongPartyGirl. I would love to see the Ah Lian vs SPG battling it out in the same room together (umm…so would a lot of guys…but … Continue reading

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Pain in the Neck

Now I know where that phrase came from, because a pain in the neck is such a pain in the neck! So I woke up this morning, and discovered that out of nowhere, I got a pain in the neck, … Continue reading

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Patrick’s certainly bringing on the Christmas Cheer into my life. I, who have never gotten a proper Christmas tree ever, now have a beautiful one in my house. I, who have hardly ever bought Christmas gifts, now am excited over … Continue reading

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Our weekend in Batam was decidedly pleasant. There was none of that Red Cock tackiness I was afraid of. In fact, the only White guy-Asian Girl walking stereotype was…*cough*…us. Instead, we had balmy trees… …a private beach… …a beautiful pool … Continue reading

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