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Eye See You

I never liked the idea of webcams cos they freaked me out. Like an eye, always staring at you, and it’s like you never know if you accidentally left it on or not. But it came free with my laptop…and … Continue reading

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LKY with Charlie Rose

I am in awe of Lee Kuan Yew. Sat down to watch his interview with Charlie Rose, and in 1 hour, he made me nod my head numerous times, and made me wanna take notes. His intelligence and knowledge is … Continue reading

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My Boyfriend’s Addicted To David Beckham’s Nuts

…the Meiji chocolate almond ones. We first came across them in SF’s Japantown. Pat’s very happy he finds them here everywhere. We call ‘em Beckham’s nuts. He really likes eating them. So do David Beckham’s fans:"Yes, I want to eat … Continue reading

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Tripping Down Serangoon Road

Jon, Pat and I headed down to Little India to check out Emily and Rutherford’s Andy Forever exhibition. I’m not just saying I only liked their work because Emily’s my friend. But I really did only like their work because … Continue reading

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Speaking of Glue…

I can’t decide my favorite part, the too big reason or the too stingy one: "He and his wife decided to use contraception but the condom they bought was too big so he stuck it on with glue." A nurse … Continue reading

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My First Kelconomist Scrapbook

The Economist is my weekly source of information and entertainment. Aside from great articles (not all), they have some of the funniest news photos and captions that I often guffaw at, sometimes ceaselessly and embarrassingly in public. So I came … Continue reading

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…but there are starving kids in China.

My favorite quote: "My whole body smells like a lunch box!"

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B and G

Blogger and Gmail are two sites that constantly exceed my expectations. They appear to me to be truly based on consumer demand. Of course, Google bought Blogger…which is a good thing for me, coz I’ve been liking the improvements on … Continue reading

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Serenity Now

It’s so chic to do Yoga these days it’s so not chic. Un-chicly, I’ve always wanted to try it out. When my future boss Bina sent out an email asking if I was interested in taking a one-hour per week … Continue reading

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Zouk In, Zouk Out, Zouk In

Email from Jon: "Jesus Christ! They’ve just added Pete Tong – November 19John Digweed – November 27 I mean come on people!!! This is ridiculous!" It really is ridiculous all the big names Zouk is pulling in these days…what’s going … Continue reading

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