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Yee Mah

It is always unfortunate that it takes unfortunate occurances to remind and bond at times. My aunt whom I call Yee Mah ("2nd Mom" in Cantonese) got into an accident last night. She brought me up when my both parents … Continue reading

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Food and Sex

We went to Geylang to eat the No SignBoard Chili crab. Yum yum! We went to Geylang also to check out the infamous prostitution district. It was all very well for me to spout this Economist article about the virtues … Continue reading

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I thought Saved! was absolutely hilarious, well-cast and surprisingly smart. Patrick laughed especially loudly because he grew up in that very white Christian suburban stereotype. In a very weird way, I love Macaulay Culkin. I watched him in ‘Party Monster‘ … Continue reading

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Lee Burridge

He was better than James Lavelle that’s for sure. He stuck to the safe side, so I was kinda disappointed that he didn’t throw down kooky stuff I expected. But he had great pacing with his grooves and sure as … Continue reading

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Scary Good

Did you know that my company’s UOB MTV credit card gets you free entry into Zouk/Phuture/Velvet on Saturdays? And the Citibank Clear card gets you free entry on Fridays and Saturdays? And the UOB Mini gets you free drinks at … Continue reading

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East meets West

I couldn’t resist getting a picture of Patrick ordering from the Western Food store at the hawker center. Seperately, he had ordered a fish burger when I went to get a char siew bao. We ended up sharing half of … Continue reading

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Aye Arnie!

My diploma arrived by mail yesterday. Oh boy, did I felt a proud glow when I looked at it! The 4 year quarter million dollar investment, the hard work, the intellectual challenge, the Glorious Golden Years of my college life… … Continue reading

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Through Foreign Eyes

A few pictures of Singapore as taken by Patrick in his afternoon strolls: I really don’t know where that last one came from.

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People! Action! Party!

Uhhhh….oy. Party people, (front, from left) Miss Indranee, Mrs Lim (in black), Dr Chong, Miss Low and (at the back) PM Lee, groove on at Zouk. — AZIZ HUSSIN ‘The PAP is a serious party, but we’re not a square … Continue reading

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Aye Ayn!

After gushing about Fountainhead, I’m thoroughly unimpressed by ‘Atlas Shrugged’. In my over-enthusiasm to read all Ayn, expectations soared and I’m disappointed. John Galt is definitely not as sexy as Howard Roark; and Dominique’s hotter than Dagney. I’m struggling through … Continue reading

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