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Singapore Netflix

Ok, so I’m supposed to be writing something more substantial like my first couple of days at work. Nothing much to say except that I like the people in the company so far (big bonus) and it feels like going … Continue reading

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End Begin

As Wee Keong told me as we landed in Singapore a week ago, welcome to the rest of your life.  I start work officially tomorrow morning at 9am. Welcome! Welcome!

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Booga Card

I’m back in Singapore. The past few days have been a frenzy of settling down. I’ll have more thoughts later, especially since I go into work for interviews tomorrow. For now, it suffices to say that I’m (curiously?) thoroughly happy to … Continue reading

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I’m in love with all things Seoul, despite the fact that there was pounding rain the entire time. Imagine what it would have been if it wasn’t rainy.   I had the greatest experience yesterday. We went to a traditional korean … Continue reading

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It’s a Seoul Thing

I’m currently here in Seoul, South Korea right now, just a 3 day stopover before heading home to Singapore. We’re in what they call a PC Bar (internet cafe). Just some random thoughts to share:   Glory to us, it’s the … Continue reading

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All Good To Go

With about 12 hours to go before leaving for the airport, and about 48 hours into PMS, I am one sniveling mess. It finally hit me. I’m sad. And happy to be sad. Should I be ecstatic or indifferent upon … Continue reading

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“It’s See Ya Later, Not Goodbye”

Oh boy, it was awesome seeing everyone at the party today. It went splendidly. Great music and great company. Noon-sunset never went by so quickly. Oh boy, I’m beginning to feel hints of sadness.

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How Do You Define Friendship?

A close friend of mine with whom I met up to say "see you later" (I refuse to say any goodbyes) on Wednesday sent me a gorgeous email. I shared his view of friendship, our friendship, with another close friend … Continue reading

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From Partier to Party-Planner for the Parter

5 more days in SF before flying off to Asia. We are throwing a going away party for me-slash-birthday party for Natalie (it’s her birthday todayyyy!!whoooo yeeeeahhh!!) tomorrow afternoon. I have always hated being a party-planner. I hate being responsible … Continue reading

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Indepen-dance Weekend

We raved to Sasha on Friday night, got down to Los Padres National Forest (near Santa Barbara) and skinny dipped in the Caliente Hot Springs Saturday night, rock-climbed a 90 foot rock (Gilbraltar Rock) on Sunday, crashed a July 4th … Continue reading

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