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My brother tell me dat my email got too much ang mor slant to it. So must put disclaimer: the previous 2 Singapore update entries were actually emails sent to my American friends descibing a place foreign to them. Not … Continue reading

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Singapore Update 2

Dear all, It’s fascinating re-visiting your own country with the mindset and eyes of a tourist. The place I grew up in suddenly looks so different. And so much more beautiful. I’ve never appreciated the sheer volume of trees that … Continue reading

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Singapore Update 1

I’m back in Singapore for spring break. Below is my mass email: Dear all, I have arrived safely in Singapore. Twas a great flight if only because Tylenol PM knocked me out for 10 of the arduous 14 hours from … Continue reading

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15, 13

Watched Royston Tan’s ‘Shiwu’ (15) at the Asian American Film Festival last night and was blown away, by the movie and the director himself. The movie was excellent, not just because I am Singaporean and was amused by familiarities (e.g. … Continue reading

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Gosh darn it…What wouldn’t I give to be in Miami right now. Digweed, Sasha and James Zabiela in one venue one night tonight. Gahhh…..

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The Sarong Party Girl. Defined by TalkingCock as "A pejorative term describing local girls who will only go out with Caucasians. The stereotypical “SPG”, as she is usually abbreviated, is extremely tan, and skimpily-dressed." Pejorative it sure seems to be. … Continue reading

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Suck Away Part II

A follow-up to Feb 18th’s post about the Chief Justice’s comments about why he ruled for upholding the ban on oral sex in Singapore. Talkingcock’s, Singapore’s satirical website, article about this cracked me up. "Give the CJ a BJ"!

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Be Very Afraid

So we were at the bookstore in Tahoe last weekend. Someone pointed out, "oh, Patrick…St. Patrick’s day. Maybe we should get this for Patrick." Upon closer glance at the book, it freaked us all out that the illustration on the … Continue reading

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I’m going home to Singapore for spring break! Whoo hoo! After not being back for more than 2 years, and having to pay S$15-25 for any regular (not even a nice restaurant) meal, I’ve garnered an unhealthy amount of homesickness. … Continue reading

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Graphing ‘entries in blog’ (y-axis) against ‘level of activity in real life’, I’d probably get a reverse U-shaped curve, an n-shaped curve if you may. It does seem the more I do, the more I’d have to say/tell; but there … Continue reading

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