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Guide to Americans

The Xenophobe’s Guide to Americans has been sitting in my bookshelf since I bought it from Beijing 2 years ago. For some random reason, I brought it out at our Simpsons Sunday dinner party yesterday. We randomly picked up tid-bit … Continue reading

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The past couple of weeks has been an utterly satisfying streak of books. I consumed ‘The Man Who Ate Everything’ borrowed and recommended from my brother who’s msn user name is ‘He Who Only Eats’. It is a compliment to … Continue reading

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A Laugh Twice a Day

I love living in the Castro. Who would have thought that I’d march past window displays of Gayopoly, Oro-stimulator, Make-Your-Own-Dildo!, Fast-Lube and walk by the famous Castro Theater, A Different Light Bookstore, Hot Cookie, Does Your Father Know and The … Continue reading

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Spring 2004

Never thought it would be here, but here it is. My graduating semester in Berkeley. Always wondered about the inner conflict and drama I would be experiencing about the last term I’d spend in a place I’ve come to see … Continue reading

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You know your corporation has made it in world dominance when your product is considered as an indicator of purchasing power parity worldwide. From Big Mac to Starbucks Latte.

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Immune, Schmune

Kelly’s not too happy with her immune system right now. After battling a 24hr fever/flu a month or so ago, I thought I was done, immune from the nasty flu bug going around everywhere, nyuk nyuk, etc. When an innocuous … Continue reading

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The Dismal Science…Not.

Reading about people like Steven Levitt motivates me to do my senior honors thesis amid my impeding inertia to get this party started.

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Music of the Night

I know The Phantom of the Opera got sucky reviews, but I really really enjoyed it. And I know, I know, Andrw Lloyd Webber’s cheesy as hell, but it’s my li’ll guilty pleasure to watch the drama-mama operatic scenes, where … Continue reading

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Instead of A Thousand Words…

…these pictures (and a few captioning words) to tell the story of Kelly and Patrick’s planned-Mexico-but-turning-out-to-be-a-California road trip (alas, I was supposed to collect a new I-20 that states my 2nd major which I didn’t collect, hence did not want … Continue reading

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Makes Sense?

The government should really stop interfering. Like, now. So ok, you wanna have mandatory HIV testing for pregnant women? Fine. Still seems somewhat disturbing though, because while yes, you are saving a child from being born with HIV, the unspoken … Continue reading

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