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Say Aye!

Phew! An A for my Economics of development class and A-friggin’-plus for my Political Economy class this semester! Kelly’s a happy trooper. A "phew!" because of all the nights of clubbing and partying I’ve done kinda made me doubly determined … Continue reading

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Ass-Spankin’ Fun…C’est Magnifique!

My Christmas gift to Patrick was a ticket to Cirque du Soleil’s Alegria. It was an awesome Christmas gift to myself as well. It was my first ever live circus act and Cirque du Soleil just takes it to another … Continue reading

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Fighting Left

Living in Berkeley/San Francisco, I struggle to find my own mind outside tree-hugging, leftist-liberal adbusters-ist sentiments. As with ultra-conservative right-wing folks, I’m suspicious of rants on either side. But the Bush administration’s sure making it easy for the leftists to … Continue reading

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Nabokov, Nabokov

Continuing my current Nabokov obsession, google-ing and reading everything about Nabokov (something I do after every author whose book I finished and loved), which The End of The Finals (last Friday) has allowed me to pursue, I envisioned myself, should … Continue reading

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Delicious Words

A quote from the back cover of ‘Pnin’: "Nabokov writes prose the only way it should be written, that is, ecstatically." –John Updike. Here is the evidence: Sometime in the early thirties Pnin, by then married too…saw Mira again. They … Continue reading

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of Political Economy, African refugees, Russian Professors and Butt-Fucks

It’s the Finals week. That explains the lack of verbosity on Kellog. 14 political economy papers on globalization, markets and democracy, the European Union, politics of identity and the Asian NICs and the Financial Crisis in one day makes a … Continue reading

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0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987,…

Absolutely fascinating, Fibonacci! Comes from watching mind-fuck Pi. Reading about this, or Richard Feynman for example, makes me wish sometimes that I had gone into a harder science than the sometimes/almost/seemingly namby-pamby affections of political science and economics.

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Thank You Thanksgiving

Oh boy…I have hardly ever not wanted to return to SFO since I moved here, but the past week in Florida has just been fantastic. Raving to Paul Van Dyk at Club Space on our 2nd night, driving back at … Continue reading

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