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Go watch ‘Salvador’. Go watch ‘Salvador’. Go watch ‘Salvador’. Absolutely outstanding, Oliver Stone is. Absolutely outstanding, James Woods is. Absolutely outstanding, James Belushi is. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Especially if you are American.

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Timshel John Steinbeck’s ‘East of Eden’ is story-telling at its best. Great characters, great story, just great everything. So many things I love about it. Read it, please. I’m a born-again Steinbeck fan. Although I wasn’t ever really. I read … Continue reading

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All plans to celebrate the end of midterms/papers with a weekend of bad-girl partying crumbled as a 104F (40C) fever reduced me to a pathetic quivering delirious mummy-crying heap of body heat on Saturday. Patrick had to sponge me down … Continue reading

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Halloween 2003

As promised, some pictures from Halloween. This is so gonna slow the page down…but these are hilarious. Natalie went as SuperWasted! She drinks! She falls! She blabbers! She’s…dadadadadada!….SuperWasted! (note the cans of beer strapped round her waist) The other Natalie … Continue reading

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Li’ll Bits of Joy

1. Spesh’s 11/05/03 set at Minna. 2. Emailing in a 10 page political economy paper that took tooooo long (I swear, an accumulated 30 hours went into this one…) 3. Eating my brother’s rendition of my mother’s signature dish. 4. … Continue reading

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Moral Oral

Oral sex ruling vexes many – NOV 8, 2003 I say! Unite all Singapore rebels! Go down on your partners tonight…and chew gum at the same time! *Ouch*!

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Nice One

After watching Human Traffic, I have caught the incessant habit of yelling out "Nice one, bruvva!!!" ("Nice one, brother!!!") to anything and everything. NICE ONE! NICE ONE BRUVVVVVVAA!!

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Scorpion Love

How is it possible that Kellog is the top search result for "How to make a scorpion fall crazily in love"? Halloween was amazing. More later. After the 8-10 page political economy paper gets written.

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