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Upon Hindsight

40 years later (or 39, or 27), I would probably look back at these college years and reflect on how all that encapsulated my life then (my current "right now") turned out be a mere blip in the course of … Continue reading

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Yin Shi Nan Nu

"Eat, drink, man, woman. Food and sex. Basic human desires. Can’t avoid them! All my life, everyday, all I do. It pisses me off."–Chu to Old Wen My third viewing of Ang Lee’s ‘Eat Drink Man Woman’ last night was … Continue reading

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Strange Love

As Patrick unabashedly tries on the bright red bra for his Halloween costume in the middle of the streets in Chinatown, I don’t think I have ever felt a more intense pang of love for this guy.

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Oh, San Francisco!

This weekend only confirmed how I can only live in a major city…preferably a weird one like San Francisco. We were having a dinner party at the Castro on Saturday night and a group of men dressed up as Hooters … Continue reading

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Kim gave birth to a baby boy last Thursday. We visited her on Saturday. That baby has got to be the cutest newborn I have ever seen. I do honestly consider most newborns pretty darn ugly. But this boy (Kierin … Continue reading

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Uh oh, we just got Netflix. Watch out! Natalie’s adament about educating me in legendary 80s classics, like you know, like Caddyshack, Revenge of the Nerds, Porky’s, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, etc…I have been warned.

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oh yeah, and…

"I am gripped by the knowledge that I have nothing to say…Everything I have to say has been said a million times and better. Plus it’s a cliche. Plus–and here’s the kicker–it doesn’t change anything. The inevitability of history hits … Continue reading

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BAYCAT (Bayview Hunters Point Center for the Arts and Technology) held their fundraiser/awards ceremony/screening gala last night. I went on a last minute invite from Patrick. A couple of his students were involved in the project. Amidst the free wine … Continue reading

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It’s Security, Stupid

Despite being a political economy major, I hardly ever make a stand on political issues. The probability of being wrong on complex political problems can be 100% just because there is never just one answer. But Bush’s noisy whining about … Continue reading

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I cannot believe that I am arranging my class schedule for the last time. Phase I of my Telebears is tomorrow. To clue in non-Berkeley folks, that means I will be signing up for Spring 2004 classes, my final semester … Continue reading

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