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I saw a man giving another fellatio yesterday. There were people crowded around them taking pictures. A few men jacking themselves watching. I saw another man playing with another man’s balls. I saw a woman giving another woman head. I … Continue reading

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I am a new fan. We caught Resfest’s opening Shorts #1 on Thursday night, then Shorts #2 and Cinema Electronica on Friday night. On the Map tonight will likely be watched, and so will Videos that Rock on Sunday afternoon. … Continue reading

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Kelly (xxx?)

I got down to Minna only at about 10pm last night, catching Thump Radio’s DJ Dutch (a little too hard trance for a weekday night), just missing Spesh’s set (which was supposed to have been awesome). So I told Spesh … Continue reading

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Crimes and Intermezzo

Watching ‘Crimes and Misdemeanors’ (Woody Allen) for the 5th time certainly has new meaning now that I am halfway through ‘Crime and Punishment’. And I’ve got to say, the salads-bigger-than-the-size-of-your-head with honey-wheat bread at Cafe Intermezzo (Telegraph Ave) is absolutely … Continue reading

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YoRadio is such a house of treasure. The live mixes from The Mara Soundsystem and Timo Maas make walking to and in between (thank you iPod!) classes so fun. And reading the murder scene in Crime and Punishment during lecture … Continue reading

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Hula Hoopin’ Through the Old and the New

It was hot hot hot in the Bay Area this weekend. Walking around San Francisco at night in a skirt and no jacket is such a big novelty. Yet another Sunset Party on Saturday afternoon. Hippies hula-hooping to house music … Continue reading

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Chinese (the language) has always been the bane of my academic years in Singapore. My transcripts are filled with As but for the annual blemish of "Chinese–C-5". I spoke English at home, was read to and read in English since … Continue reading

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The House culture

Oh I do love house music. I love everything about it, the music, the culture, the activities that go along with it. We celebrated Patrick’s birthday at MILK and then on to Butter Bar to hear Phil Smart play. We’ve … Continue reading

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Deep Happiness

Is youthful happiness ever credible? I get suspicious of my own. I appear to believe that deep, profound and credible thoughts arise from melancholy or times of mellow contemplation that a delirious joyfulness has no time for. I do not … Continue reading

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A week in the life of…

So what’s been going on in the past week? Milk (Tues nite), Minna (Wed nite), Vertigo bar (Thurs nite), a We-Didn’t-Go-To-Burning-Man party (I saw fire spinners for the first time!) (Sat night), Ziggy Marley (I was in rapture…and I didn’t … Continue reading

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