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Sketch and Etched again

I’ve been drawn again (Re: March 4th and March 14th 2003 entries). This time by my professor’s li’ll daughter Michelle. A few of us were at his office for our group presentation discussion last Friday. Li’ll Michelle was there. I … Continue reading

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Two Sunrise Weekend

My weekend in a nutshell: Study, party, sunrise, study, party, sunrise, study, tv, sleep. Got a ton of work out of the way before Keyatta’s birthday party on Friday night. The party was swinging. Great music, great company. Keyatta (back … Continue reading

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Roughneck citation

And I forgot to mention: The birthday dinner was held at Doug’s (who shared the same birthday as me) place in Nob Hill. Parking as usual was impossible. So we pulled up into the apartment’s driveway and left a message … Continue reading

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Best Birthday

My 22nd birthday is turning out to be one of the best birthdays I’ve had in recent years. I had my 1st birthday blow-candles cake with my darling brother on Sunday. I have the coolest gift from the coolest friend … Continue reading

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Last minutes…

I have a few minutes left to being a 21 year-old. There was something fun about saying "I’m 21". (You either get the wink-wink-raised-eyebrows or the cradle-snatcher-baulking.) There’s that whole element of girl coming into womanhood, maturing yet not quite, … Continue reading

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Queen of Cake

Sunday night, I met my dear brother at the Palo Alto Straits Cafe (where my bro works part-time) for dinner. It was cute seeing how popular my brother is with his co-workers. I’m not surprised. He’s the most likeable person … Continue reading

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Easter Sunday

My first time celebrating Easter Sunday! Patrick’s sister Natalie performed at her dad’s church in San Jose, hence a bunch of us went down to spend Easter Sunday together. The church service was entertaining. My disbelieving-ass is not a church-goer … Continue reading

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Saturday Afternoon

Thus getting introspective stuff out of the way, my weekend was remarkable as usual. After arriving back to Berkeley from Tahoe on Friday night, I attended Chris’ surprise birthday party a gorgeous warm Saturday afternoon. Once again, I’m glad I … Continue reading

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Still have TONS to write about this weekend. But before I make a list of events, I’d like to do myself a favor by writing about thoughts that hit me hard on Saturday night. (Disclaimer: I am aware that I’m … Continue reading

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For My Mummy

Have TONS to write about this weekend. But first priority: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mummy! As is very obvious, I’ve the coolest mummy in the world. Refer to April 14 and 15 posts for evidence. At this time, around 540am here and … Continue reading

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