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So glad I stayed

“Your blog for today should begin with “We couldn’t have planned it any better”.” Quoth Douglas. Today (Saturday) has been to epitome of how a great sunny Saturday should be spent. Scratch that. I couldn’t have planned this entire spring … Continue reading

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Spring Break Continues

Qool Wednesday was slammingly good as expected. I got to meet Spesh! Patrick introduced us as he was walking about unassumingly before his set with that characteristic cute mop of bleach-blond hair. For a guy with such an (expanding) cult … Continue reading

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Gym Rat

After being used to swimming in my string two-piece, I felt like I was swimming with a bloody sack in my old one-piece swimsuit today. The amount of material weighing me down was about 5 times more than my bikini. … Continue reading

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Kelly’s Realm

Boy, I certainly am obsessed with my own space. I’m loving my new room so freakin’ much. It’s almost twice as big (maybe even bigger) than my previous room and to have that luxurious amount of space to work with … Continue reading

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PvD (now known as the Night I met my Patty)

I was completely nuts. After a total of 7 hours of sleep for 2 nights, Satuday moving, Sunday cleaning up everything the whole freaking day and coming back to the new place to set everything up, I was moaning with … Continue reading

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Kelly has left the building

I’m done! And now the final disconnection of my laptop from the internet connection and I’m outta here!

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This is scary. Kellog has had 6 separate hits from the google search "queen latifah’s boobs" in the past 2 days. They really must have made a big impression.

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7 years

It’s Big Moving Day. I’ve never been this tired. I’m sitting in my dirty empty old room now. Too tired to return to the new place. I’m just gonna lay a bedsheet on the ground and concuss. Packing, moving, cleaning, … Continue reading

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Looq, ma! I’m packing! Qool!

Having an obsession-of-the-moment always makes my life that much funner. Whether it’s Tolstoy, Tiesto, Dave Eggers or the dB’s… I hereby declare Looq to be Kelly’s official obession-of-the-moment. I downloaded all the mp3s available on that site (being the greedy … Continue reading

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I have stuff for sale

Click here to view pictures and prices I have a Uhaul truck 10am-4pm this Sat (Mar 22nd), so if you live anywhere in El Cerrito or Berkeley, I can home deliver it to ya. You’ll just have to kiss my … Continue reading

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