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Music is the Answer

My mp3 folder that I offhandedly titled "Chill" has 147 random songs I thought just fit that word. I have Stan Getz, The Roots, Air (French Band), Antonio Carlos Jobim, Bjork, Faithless/Dido, Les Nubians, Mary Margaret O’Hara, Everything But the … Continue reading

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Finally put that li’ll comment ditty for my log. Now you can click on ‘comment’ at the end of every entry and comment. May I comment that although I expect next to nil comments frequently (I’ll be fine…I’ll be fine…), … Continue reading

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‘Sex on Tuesday’ leaves me dry

Every Tuesday, Berkeley’s ‘Daily Cal’ runs a sex column, that has apparently been a source of much controversy, and has "titillated, disgusted, and intrigued". They flatter themselves. The column pretends to be an educational medium pretending to be shocking. ‘Sex … Continue reading

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ooohh…*rubbing hands in glee*. I’ve found the 3rd remix version of ‘Silence’ (Sarah MacLachlan). Had the Tiesto and Delirium versions. Now I kazaaed a fucky "Delirium Breakbeat" version. And I realized that I had 2 versions of Everything But The … Continue reading

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Do yourself a favor: Download this song called ‘Battleship Grey’ by DJ Tiesto (even if you don’t like ‘techno’ in general (why on earth, I wouldn’t know), you’ll like this very mild form. Really. It’s a pretty ballad.) Turn off … Continue reading

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Oh, I’m thinking of adding one of those comment boxes that pops out from a link at the end of every entry. Does anyone know how I can add one? Any help would be appreciated. Please email me.

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Enough (for now) with dead foreign writers writing with scary but beautiful precision what I feel. How about a fellow Singaporean from my junior college (that’s high school to you Americans) who is my age writing with scary but beautiful … Continue reading

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Books–ya gotta love ‘em!

Dave Egger’s ‘A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius’ is a heartbreaking work of staggering genius. I found a (what I believe to be) rare edition of the book that includes 50 glorious extra pages of an afterword by Eggers. I … Continue reading

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Friday, Saturday…

I think my Friday sucked all the excitement out from my Saturday. I went to my first studio-viewing session. Ended up chatting with super nice Cal student part-timing at the realty office who showed me a studio right in the … Continue reading

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Uh oh…I find myself falling into another obsession. I picked up George Eliot’s ‘Middlemarch’, read the prelude, and now I’m hooked. Classics never fail. And now, I’m gonna spend everyday neglecting what I’m supposed to do for school to read … Continue reading

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