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In my International Area Studies section: TA: Can someone name me a society based on fear? 2 different students from 2 sides of the room, instantaneously: Singapore! Me thinking: Interesting…I don’t even hear one Iraq! or Afghanistan! or even China! … Continue reading

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Despite my bitching, I’m still resolved to keep up with current affairs. So of course, reading Bush’s State of the Union address today (or yesterday) is a must. And I was bored. He needs to hire better writers. Or is … Continue reading

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"The Kremlin and Warner Bros…have declined to comment."* After a guilty drought of not really keeping up-to-date with current events, I decided to attempt paying more attention (for it’s my civil and individual responsibility to be educated with world events, … Continue reading

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It’s raining 60 cats and 500 dogs. Nope, it’s not the title of a Disney song, nor a environmental studies lecture. It’s just the headlines for today. And apparently, Mardi Gras/Halloween-at-Castro-esque acts by Girls Gone Wild! aren’t allowed in everyday … Continue reading

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The Institute of East Asian Studies lists events/lectures/seminars coming up in Berkeley. Amidst lectures titled "Women and gender equality", "The Geography of Exchange", "Art Movements in Japan", you know, the usual academia stuff, comes this one, gloriously encompassing title, and … Continue reading

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So I walked into Barnes & Nobles in El Cerrito Plaza (Kelly’s now natural habitat) yesterday at noon, resolutely resolved to finish the week’s political science-slash-economics readings I had ahead of me (I didn’t pay 100 bucks for these 2 … Continue reading

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Why must they be so goddamn good?

There are 3 categories of courses you sign up for: (a) The classes you have to take for your major requirements (b) The classes you want to take because they are interesting (c) The classes you hope you want to … Continue reading

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This is just so bizarre. It scares me how my body can go through the motions of routine without thought. I wake up to go to use the bathroom. Somehow, my mind thinks that it’s already time to get up … Continue reading

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It’s the lull before the storm

School begins tomorrow. Tomorrow, there’ll be a flurry of stufftodo, placestogo, peopleto see. The first week of classes represent what you believe college life to be like. It’s the only time where you (or maybe it’s just me) attend classes … Continue reading

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Sensory Overload!

X dream is making my other techno tracks feel boring.

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