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Oh, yeah. I will be leaving for Europe (Paris-Barcelona-Madrid-Bordeax-Paris…tentatively) in about 10 hours. Direct flight to Paris in 16 hours. Whee! Yay modern transportation. Looking forward to an obscene amount of fun. Yay youth.

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I love great designs. My new Northface backpack (the big backpacker’s type) is awesome. The design is just perfect. All for $68 at the Northface outlet. Marked down from $195. It was probably made by factory ladies in China at … Continue reading

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How perfect is this present? And the moment was just perfect too. So I was bitching to Douglas yesterday about stupid Techsavings. Specifically for my Europe vacation (I leave on the 30th), I ordered an extra memory card (128 fun-filled … Continue reading

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Family Time

Ooo…this is fun! I realize I know how to put pictures up here. Yay technology. A Luddite (learnt that word from here), pas moi. I was sifting through the tons of pictures I took with my Kelph. And I realize … Continue reading

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Oh, here’s a stupid little thing I did with my Kelph (digital camera). I took a picture of my actual desk in my room and used it as a desktop wallpaper on my laptop. An actual desktop as my desktop. … Continue reading

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I spent 4 hours at The Canvas Gallery in the afternoon and another 5 hours at Barnes & Nobles in the night reading ‘Anna Karenina’. My eyes hurt. But that book is just blowing my mind. I tend to judge … Continue reading

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Okay, once again, I understand that placing the value of my self-worth on grades that, (a) say nothing about the level of intellect I possess (which is of a non-impressive standard, I know) and (b) don’t really matter on the … Continue reading

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So me and Alex were talking a nice 2-hour stroll down by Crystal Springs yesterday. After which, we trotted around the shops in San Mateo. He does have his moments: On those plastic American flags they sell by the counter … Continue reading

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I just want to give out one big fat ahhhhhhhh-sigh right now. After the frenzy of the finals, brother’s graduation, more finals, parents’ visit with dinners, relatives, shopping, walks, day trips, drives, nagging, cooking, talking, eating, laughing, and all the … Continue reading

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Ok, so this is a weeeee bit disconcerting. I joined the Rice Bowl Journals site about a week ago cos I found the link to it on my friend’s blog, and the name cracked me up. So I found this … Continue reading

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